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Re: Different Gun Question

I don't believe you have been given any bad this thread.

As rough as it sounds (at first), even what MarkSea has posted is actually and factually correct. Similar to the "don't know? DON'T touch!" rule... if yer on a boat..or anywhere, for that matter and someone starts handling a gun, poorly or like an idiot...GTFO.. right-damm'd-now! The only thing as dangerous as someone doing so that doesn't know how to handle a gun is someone who *thinks* they know how!

Unless and until you are *comfortable* (asterisks denote a poor choice of word; but I can't seem to find the one I want! ) with the possibility of taking a life...DO NOT CARRY; licensed and concealed or otherwise!

IF you decide that you're OK with that possibility, then by all means take all the accreditation you may need, add several more courses and practice...practice..practice!
Going about armed is not simply a's a lifestyle. Learn it, live it, love it.. or leave it alone!\

This is the same as we teach in class, so yer not the only one to receive these admonitions.

AFA what Lake stated and davidpm asked... yes! There is a distinct difference between one whom is ignorant of the law and someone taking the right to carry and getting certified. The plain citizen can plead ignorance in court. The certified individual is ..and had better.. know the laws and restrictions. It is your duty to follow all local, municipal, county, state and federal laws wherever you are..even if they change at an imaginary line on a map!

Stay safe!

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