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Re: Just beginning to shop around... would love feedback/ideas...

Nice, thanks for the link and input. Been fun stripping it down, feel in the end as I am pretty close to packed to move out.. big gear aside. I can make it work pretty well, with my gig being unix admin I use way less graphics, terminals mostly. an IM in the background, some other stuff going but can for the most part run in a very minimal power save mode. Even using a monochrome setting on the monitor will slice a few watts of its end use draw.

I remember somewhere in a thread someone saying the power save of ssd vs. hdd was negligible. imo it is indeed NOT negligible, after moving to a 128G ssd for my laptop I get an additional 2-3hrs of use out of a charge. Though for a larger storage medium the 1TB-SSD's are about 1K$, soon less but well u know...

Another thought on the hdd tangent, quite often the platters in a laptop drive, so anything 2.5", are made of glass with a thin layer of magnetic material bound to the platter... seriously reducing the impact tolerance of most of those models in practical use. and resulting in a fairly useless though interesting sounding box of glass chunk, perfectly well sealed from the elements.
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