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Re: Just beginning to shop around... would love feedback/ideas...

Originally Posted by slax View Post
Another thought on the hdd tangent, quite often the platters in a laptop drive, so anything 2.5", are made of glass with a thin layer of magnetic material bound to the platter... seriously reducing the impact tolerance of most of those models in practical use.
Well, that's not quite the issue wrt hdds. That is the platter binding. Rather, primary problem with hard drive impact involves head crashes, which are floating microns above the surface and are extremely tiny. For example, a dust particle to a drive head would be akin to a bowling ball to a needle. This is why the drives are sealed... to keep these particles out. In an earlier post, I had wondered about potential corrosion issues. Though, not to the drives, themselves, rather the drive controllers, which are exposed. As for motion, they have come some way wrt mitigating head crashes. At this point, outside of head crashes due to electricity spikes, the primary failures appear to be mechanical... bearings wearing out, that sort of thing. And, unfortunately, from what I can tell, MTBF seems to have dropped.
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