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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Unfortunately, whenever a bad event happens, or even things not necessarily bad happen but different from what was expected, the response is always new laws and regulations. There were some fatal automobile accidents over the week end, therefore, with the same reasoning, we need new laws, maybe a 1 year detailed course in driving before people are allowed on the road. A couple of wackos (out of 300,000,000+) kill a bunch of people, and we rush to band/regulate extensively the type of gun they used, never mind that more people were killed annually by hammers than this type of weapon. Last week, a doctor and his staff were killed when their private business jet crashed, so let's make rules that forbid medical personnel from's too risky and we can't afford to lose their skills, especially with Obamacare coming. Soon, we'll have enough laws that everyone becomes a criminal, even if they have no intent. Nobody knows, or can comply with, all the regulations that already exist.

As for other TS captains interferring with the Bounty's captain, would Chef and others like their neighbors and contemporaries interferring in how they live their lives? How about a neighbor reporting you to the IRS, or Child Services, or to police when they think you may have been drinking excessively simply because you had a party, to which they were not present, that went on for hours? Not because the neighbor knew of some infraction, he just thought there might be, or things were being done different from how he would do them. I've read where people had these exact things happen already. Now, we are going to report boats that we think are unsafe, or report captains that we think are making the wrong call?

In the grand scheme of things, not many people get killed on tall ships. New laws and regulations each time two people die in an accident that really was a result of a single person in charge making a bad decision?

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