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Re: Circumnavigation without instruments

I cannot believe people are hating on this guy.

Sure, modern navigation tools are great. But if you don't believe that they have become a crutch then you should do a little experiment. Use GPS in your car everywhere you go for one month. Everywhere. After one month, turn it off. You will discover that you pay very little attention to the world around you when GPS is doing all of your thinking for you. You will have trouble even remembering which turns you took to get where you went. You drove until GPS said to turn and you didn't have to make those decisions on your own, therefore there is no reason you would remember making them.

Now, delete every speed dial in your phone. Delete the address book. Make every call by actually remembering and dialing the numbers. Do you remember when that was normal? It is shocking to discover how many numbers you used to know and now you can't even call your wife's phone because you aren't sure of two of the numbers or what sequence they go in. God help you in an emergency situation where you have to borrow someone else's phone. Likely, the only number you'd have in your head is 911.

I'm not saying we should all abandon navigational aids. But I am saying that this man proved that they are all indeed crutches. How much of a crutch depends on your skills and abilities without them.

What good is a sextant if you don't have a book to tell you what the readings mean? What good is a chart without a compass? A chart with no soundings? The answer to each of these depends entirely on what you actually understand versus which references you depend on for that information.

In short, what we call useful tools were developed by someone else. Well, once upon a time nobody had developed them. People still got around. Amazing, isn't it?

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