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Re: The definition of I can cook

In all my crewing for other captain/owners for off shore or coastal (multi-day), somehow by default, I was always be the cook and medical officer on board. I don't have any specific training for as a on-board cook. But with a common sense and superb observational skills, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able serve gourmet meals on board. Over the years sailing I have perfected my cooking skills on a boat including under a blow.
Here is what I inform the captain about my policy, so there is no misunderstanding.
1. I only cook two meals a day. Crews need to help themselves if they are hungry between meals.
2. If I cook, I don't do dishes. Dishes must be clean and put away and galley and sink are clean and disinfected. All these must be perform with 2 hours after the meals. I can't stand dishes sit until the next day.
3. Prior the voyage, I need to know any food allergies and food dislikes or others.
4. I provision the food with my own money, prepared at home and vacuumed packed and frozen the day before.
5. The nite before departure, we will do the last minute provisioning for fresh veg. bread, cold cut meat, fruits, water, soda, eggs with other person's money.
6. I will responsible to pack the freeze/frig or ice box.
7. I don't cook with recipes. It is all in my head. I improvise and invent dishes depending what is on board. Cooking is a passion and art to me. After all these years, I have not lost a single patron yet.

My signature diskes
Crab Imperial or Crab cake or Phillips Crab bisque
Prawns scampi or Catsup Prawns (with Head)
Linguine with white clam sauce fortified sea scallop
Pho with beef balls and raw roast beef
Chicken wing in oyster sauce
Spareribs with garlic and Worcestershire sauce
Saute grilled raw Streak with Mushroom on the side
BBQ country style port chop

For the side, Jasmine rice or bread, pasta, noodle, fresh veggie
All my food is served on a dog bowl, never on Plate unless on hook. All the food is in bite size, no knife is needed. I don't cook if we are at the dock.


Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.
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