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Re: Best small boat for cruising the Bahamas?

Originally Posted by krisscross View Post
Specific question: Do you think that having a draft of 3 and a half feet vs. 4 and a half feet makes that much difference in finding good, secluded anchorage in the Bahamas?
In my opinion, No... I cruise the Bahamas with about 5'2" fully loaded, and rarely feel especially "left out", and I think many people make way too much of an issue re shoal draft down there... I know it sounds trite, but the key to finding "secluded anchorages" in the Bahamas, is simply to go where few other cruisers go... Draft is rarely the deal breaker, it's simply the willingness to explore, sail beyond the Exumas, and venture into places like the Bight of Ackins, or Samana Cay...

Certainly, there are many times where I would kill to have a 3.5' draft over there... But you still need a weatherly boat for the Bahamas as well, I'd caution on erring too mightily on the side of extreme shoal draft... There are many, MANY instances where a nimble, good performing boat to weather under sail might make the difference between getting out of a tight spot, or not...

This pic was taken in a little creek entrance named Shroud Cay Harbor... I could only get in thru the entrance at high water, but once inside and lying to bow and stern anchors, I was fine... Room for one boat only, and that was pushing it. (grin) You want secluded, you've got it, there - though I'd only want to stay there in settled weather, I'd be out of there before a frontal passage, due to the inability to swing on the hook... I doubt more than a couple of cruising boats have ventured in there since this pic was taken last winter, probably none larger than mine... It isn't draft that's keeping people out of there, but rather the unwillingness of many to venture off the beaten path, or attempt such a tight, daunting entrance...

Really, even with 4.5' draft, you still have several lifetimes of exploring the Bahamas awaiting you...

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