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Re: Halyards to cockpit?

Originally Posted by rockDAWG View Post
Captain Jon, you are a purist. In other post, others mentioned you as like person they want to meet. I am afraid to meet you becasue you will kick my ass flying across Pacific ocean.

OK, I be advised that I will stick my head out the dodge when I use the electric main halyard. Better yet, I will manually crank the remaining few inches by hand. Been there done that, have a story to tell too.

Good call though
Nah, I'm hardly a purist, I like most gadgets as much as the next guy... When I'm cruising my own boat, I suppose I do put a higher premium on sailing, as opposed to motoring, than most cruisers appear to do, but that's about it... You'd probably be surprised at the amount of gadgetry my little tub sports, I would NEVER choose a manual windlass over an electric, for example, and I would kill to have a wireless remote autopilot control on the boat I'm running now - whoever installed the tillerpilot control on this boat should simply be shot, what a moron, couldn't possibly have been placed in a dumber, more inconvenient location...

However, I do like stuff that WORKS, and I hate to say that much of what is being foisted upon the sailing 'consumer' these days, either seems largely unnecessary, or simply doesn't really work that well at all...

One of my dislikes was certainly confirmed today at the Charleston City Marina Megadock... I've sat here for 2 days due to weather, today's passage of a warm front was truly impressive, blew 35-40 out of the S & SW for much of the day...

One of the worst trends I'm seeing in today's production boats - particularly many of the popular Euro variety - is the placement of these freakin' picture windows in the topsides, a foot or more below deck level...

One of those sleek and sexy Euro bitches found themselves pinned against the outboard/weather side of the face dock, their fenders being squeezed virtually flat... It was very sobering to behold, the vulnerability of those windows, placed at the boat's maximum beam, when the hull came into contact with the face of the dock...

So, in that regard, call me a "purist"... The purposeful cutting of large, long holes in the side of a boat, and then filling that hole with a piece of Lexan or whatever, is just plain nuts on a boat intended to actually go places beyond the sight of land... (grin)

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