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Then of course reality sets in, and one comes to terms with the fact that there isn't anything at all exceptional about the lack of young people going out on extended sailing ventures. Anymore than there's nothing extraordinary about the lack of Appalachian trail through hikers. The simple fact is that there are many, an always have been, people who enjoy weekends or weeks on the trail- and even significant numbers of stage hikers- however- true through hikers have always been in short supply. The extraordinary thing is that there is anyone at all for whom the desire for discovery and adventure is so strong that nothing else will do but to go forth- at risk of life and limb and grave discomfort and inconvenience in pursuit thereof. The desire to cross oceans has absolutely nothing to do with the desire to sail- they are linked of course, but for that personality the sailing is only a means to an end. The desire to through hike has absolutely nothing to do with the desire to get out and stretch ones legs. There is, in a certain small segment of the population, this form of mental illness that propels an individual far past the commonplace- and the insidious thing is that typically the possessed soul considers itself "free"

Laughable. It's as insatiable a monkey to keep fed as the desire to set thousands o dollars on a table and make it disappear or double with a role of the dice, the need to drink bottomless quAntities of liquor or run drugs into a vein with a needle. And in the end- potentially just as damaging- though not neccssarrilly. Spelling jeez.

But then this is only my perspective - and I do not consider myself a cruiser. There's an obsessiveness to it that the terms "cruiser" or "liveaboard" don't do justice.

I think there is an idyllic reverie that is conjured by the term "cruising" and as such I think it's a lifestyle that attracts a lot of people who are inherently not suited to it. Why aren't there more young people cruising? Why aren't there more people doing it period?

Why would there be- its certainly not all its cracked up to be. Probably the pertinent question would be "why aren't more young people taking there boats out for a week or two at a time?"

And to that I would say- they are, I see I all the time.

To the question about was cruising cheaper back in the day- I don't know but I'm guessing it wasn't all that much cheaper- inflation being what it is. I would also say that if you drink like a fish all you need do is do it at home instead of the bar for 1-2 years and you'll have about 10,000 saved to buy a boat and take off for however long. No rent, no dock fees, all Of a sudden that budget goes pretty far. And of course isn't everyone a freelance photographer nowadays? I mean that accessibility provided by digital photography has changed the game for everyone. And all this time spent online has to be good for something too-like practicing writing something other than LOL Smiley smiley LMFAO. So then- by default we are freelance writers as well. Though apparently of shabby enough nature that we have to puke it out for free. Sometimes.
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