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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

Originally Posted by glenndamato View Post
David, I think you just described my last days alive! When I get really old, given the fact that I have no wife and kids, why not just buy a simple boat, provision her, point the bow west and see how far I can get before I croak? I mean, what's the alternative? Die in a hospital bed, cared for by indifferent strangers making $9 an hour to occasionally clean you up???
I'm with you on that hospital bed thing. As an alternative I'm thinking about deep techncial diving and/or cave diving.
I hear that the nitrogen narcosis thing is pretty sweet.

The down side would be that if it gets popular the caves would all be littered with the bodies of all of us baby boomers. It would be gross.
Maybe someone could invent a line of bio-degradable wet suits.
The lesson from the Icarus story is not about human failing.
It is a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive.
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