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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

@Joe: She DID look like a giant baby . . . until she turned around. Yech.

@David: She sounds really fit, so being 70 may not be a big deal. Women age slower anyhow, by 4-5 years. My biggest issue with respect to cruising is fitness, and right now at age 52 (53 in less than three months) I am woefully unfit to cruise. I'm at least 50 lbs fatter than I was ten years ago. One of my personal vices is that I loathe organized exercise (jogging, etc). YES, I have started many "personal fitness programs" in my life - jogging, walking, biking, etc - but in the end I gradually slack off and stop. It's a personal vice. It's not something someone can "make me see the light" simply by giving me a pep talk and saying, "Well, you really ought to!" It's a vice like drinking or gambling or even wife beating. It's tough for people who live alone (as I do) to overcome these personal vices because there is no one around to ride me 24x7. No one but me sees what I do on a day to day basis - there is no one to grab me by the collar and order to me to stick to my exercise regimine. This is one of the reasons men who live alone tend to drink way too much and turn into alcoholics - that is NOT a vice of mine, but it's related because there is no one present to ride me with "tough love" and ensure I stick to what I start.

Same with diet and eating - I do NOT "overeat" as such (binge eat, stuff myself, etc) but practically every day I consume a BIT more calories than I need. This is surprisingly easy to do. Exceeding your metabolic needs by just 50 calories a day (1/4 cup of milk, 1/3 of a banana, 2/3 of a slice of bread) means you'll gain about five pounds per year.

Then there's the killer job. I'm paid a nice salary and killer benefits. I was just doing my taxes yesterday with my accountant. We had to do a Schedule C because of the expenses and income associated with Breaking Seas. I told him I'm working on another book and maybe someday I can quit my job. He laughed long and hard. He told me I had better not quit my job, because I would never find another like it . . . ever. Not at my age. Not in this economy (which is not likely to improve in the forseeable future, people are starting to understand). So I have all this travel and job pressure, which makes it far tougher to "begin a fitness program" because there is no chance at developing a daily ROUTINE when you travel an average of twice per month.

The only "realistic" chance is if my novel coming out in November is a huge success, and I CAN quit my job, and devote myself to fitness 24x7.
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