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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Paolo- I have every respect for you and your knowledge base. There is not a piece of Dacron in any of my sails( except the trysail and stormjib). All my running rigging is "no stretch". My blocks are soft shackles. But that doesn't mean I would ever want a boat with hard sails and a hinge in the middle or that goes so fast a windvane won't work on it or with appendages so prone to picking up all the junk now in our oceans that I take comfort in having another one. I can live with 6'6" and don't want a Swan/Baltic with it's keel on hydralics. Neither do I want a monhull or multihull whose perfomance will be ruined by the extra weight in stuff we collect when cruising. I like carrying the extra water/fuel/central heat/air/washerdryer/third anchor and rode/spares for everything etc.Similarly a boat made of exotics then baked in a huge oven doesn't interest me. I want a boat any decent yard can maintain and fix. Not just a few at great expense. I'm not a Luddite but know sooner or later I or my crew will be inattentive or something will break (rudder sensor on the Autopilot, lighting and all electronics go down etc.) or GIRBs will be misread. Then I want a boat that will accommendate our human frailities and stupidity and still get me to a safe harbor. I also know Bill Crealock was right. The pleasure of the voyage should at least equal the pleasure of the arrival. There's a point where you are right physically but wrong metaphysically- the boat goes faster- but at what cost to the wallet, time in maintenance, experience of comfort, complexity of systems and sense of safety. Thank you- I'll stay in the front of the pack but too often the pace settor doesn't win the race.
The boat I have has a very flexible 47' 3-piece laminated Sitka Spruce mast with a low tension rig, using relatively stretchy 1/4" 7x19 wire(6 shrouds, 3 stays and running backs)....this allows for significant mast bend and sail shape adjustment (designed this way 75 years ago)......if I put rod rigging and hard sails on her it would break the boat.
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