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Re: Blisters on survey - Morgan 38

You really should find out how much these boats are selling for before you start discounting for repairs.

My quick search tells me the average retail is 26K-30K.

Here is my obnoxious opinion and some fun facts (feel free to ignore me);
1. Repairing these blisters is labor intensive and the cost of having a pro do it is going to be 1/3+ of the boats value.
2. According to you, the boat is only in "average condition" so we are not looking at anything special. So at 35K she's already 13% OVERPRICED.
3. IF you get a yard involved in all these repairs you risk entering their world, their time table, their employees. We have all been in that special plane of hell where nothing gets done or things get done wrong and you come back next year -10K but with more blisters and play the blame game. It's not worth the stress.
4. Too many other boats out there. This one is only worth the 15K and you do all the labor. Sorry, but it had to be said.

Offer them 12K, go up to 15K. They will act insulted. You will walk away. Start your search all over again. If nothing comes up in three months, call them back with the same offer. No one is going to jump on this boat with the engine and drive train issues, internal and external blisters. As others said, too many other boats out there.

The truth hurts.

Years ago someone spent a lot of money on her. Loved her and cared for her. Now they leave her sitting with blisters, a leaky engine, bent shaft and prop. They no longer care. She is no longer loved.

It's not worth it to them to do what needs to be done. Why? She is being sold so they can get something younger, nimbler, faster, sexier. So you have to pay in dollars, blood, sweat and tears because they choose to move on?

Tell them to find another sucker.

'88 C&C 30 MKII
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