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Re: Recommended Reading

"The Marlinspike Sailor" - Hervey Garrett Smith - make your own gear, plus the best knot & line illustrations ever.

"The Complete Rigger's Apprentice", "Knots for Boaters" (also available as a Chapman's Nautical Guide - "Knots") - Brion Toss - a modern Ashley.

"The Beachcomber's Handbook" - Euell Gibbons - builds a dory & an outrigger canoe, fishes & forages Hawai'i for 3 years. His "Stalking the..." books: Blue-eyed Scallop, Wild Asparagus, & Healthful Herbs, won't help you get there but they'll help you eat well once you arrive.

"The Commodore's Story" - Ralph Munroe & Vince Gilpin - Munroe comes to Biscayne Bay, Florida in the 1870s, takes photos, builds boats, sails Florida & the Bahamas, salvages wrecks; his article about his 'Presto' round-bilged sharpie included as an appendix. Buy it new *here* for $19.95. I've seen some outrageous prices for used copies online - save your money for a refreshing beverage to sip while you read.

'Practical Boating: Inland and Offshore, Power and Sail',
'Practical Navigation',
both by W.S. Kals

"Reading won't make you an able seaman, able to cope with all that the sea, weather, and failure of
gear may throw at you. But reading about seamanship is buying experience without getting wet."

Written with style & humor with the idea of instilling a mindset geared toward awareness, preparedness and improvization. Out of print, but found in used-book stores & online at Alibris or Amazon - definitely worth hunting down. Author single-handed from Nova Scotia to South Florida, the Bahamas and down island in a 30-foot schooner.

Sensible Cruising: The Thoreau Approach

From a review:
"If wisdom can be defined as common sense that has withstood the test of time, then 'Sensible Cruising' is a wise book.

It explains:

Why a sensible cruise is affordable to almost anyone.
Why the boat of choice for most cruisers is under 35 feet.
Why lowering the cost doesn't devalue the cruise.
How simplicity minimizes insulation from the experience.
How to think in terms of how little, not how much, is really required.

Drawing heavily on the philosophy of the sage of Walden Pond, this book is a gentle guide to the art of commonsense cruising which, in hardcover, was one of the 10 best-selling sailing books of all time. Now available for the first time in paperback, Sensible Cruising, a former main selection of the Dolphin Book Club, is more pertinent than ever during this time of economic retrenchment."

From the book:
"Few cruisers go sailing without a budget, often a very restrictive one. Mr. Thoreau often speaks of that situation, but it is not just his monetary thrift that is valuable to us. He is also thrifty with time, committed to getting the most out of his life today rather than waiting for some vague tomorrow. And there is his thrift with the written word. He packs a great deal of thought into a very few words. No writer in the English language has ever excelled him in this art.

His commitment to thrift makes him an authority on "sensible cruising". As you will see as you read this book, Thoreau in a very real sense tells us if cruising is what we want, then it is what we should be doing. Take the boat you already have and go. If you do not have a boat, then buy one you can afford and go."

"A Mariner's Miscellany" - Pete Specter - nautical history, lore, tidbits & trivia; his 'Mariner's Book of Days' writ large.

"Small Boats on Green Waters" - Brian Anderson - excerpts from a who's-who of nautical writers, classic & modern.

"The Wind in the Willows" - Kenneth Grahame - the source of "...there is *nothing* - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." --'nuff said.

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