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Re: What's your biggest bonehead move sailing?

I have a few...

Wife and I were on our first trip south from Jacksonville (first real trip under sail), we got to the mouth of the ICW off the St. Johns. There was a Navy ship being worked to the north (restricted area) and a few piles of rocks to the south, along with a buoy. The winds were from the south, so we had to pull the sails down and motor, but I forgot to put the outboard in gear. We got the main down, I climbed up to the bow to pull the jib down, but my wife couldn't keep it pointed into the wind. I kept yelling at her "INTO THE WIND!", but by the time that happened the wind picked up the jib and spun the boat around. After doing about 3 loops, I said screw it and went back to just motor down the ICW until we got into a safer spot. I then realized my mistake and we got the sail down. There must have been 5 or 6 fishing boats out at the time, along with workers on the Navy ship, I'm sure we were the talk of the marina that night.

On day 3 of the trip, our outboard died and brilliant me decided to toss the anchor over the stern while we figured it out, reacting rather than thinking. Some jackwad power boat roared past us while I was trying to figure out the problem, I had to cut anchor to avoid the motor being torn off the mount by his wake.

Lessons learned.


Oh this is a good one.

I was a teenager and did a Sunfish sailing class with my dad at our local NC mudhole. The lake was a real mudhole, I thought I was going to get some kind of disease if I touched the water. Anyway, my dad is kindof large, but did fine for MOST of the class.

BUT! For our final, we had to go out and do a few maneuvers, then flip the boat over and right it ourselves, which meant swimming in that nasty water. Also, the lifevests they gave us were those cheap orange ones that most people keep aboard to be OK by CG standards, but are insanely uncomfortable.

Well, my dad went to do his practical and flipped the boat over, but the mast got stuck in the mud. He also had trouble lifting himself up onto the centerboard to right the boat again. After a few minutes his face started turning red and it became clear that the lifevest was causing circulation/breathing issues. When our instructor realized this, she yells out "HANG ON JIM I'LL SAVE YOU!", at which point a crowd gathers (this is a popular walking/running lake). She jumps in the water and drags my dad back to shore, who was humiliated by the entire event, but fortunately ok. We have a lot of friends that walk around the lake on weekends, turns out a few of them witnessed the event.

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