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smackdaddy 05-18-2010 08:34 PM

Passages and Pics
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What do you guys think about starting a thread dedicated to "popular" passages using GPS tracks and pics?

I always see people asking about "what's the best route...." between various points (e.g. - Houston to Miami, Charleston to Bermuda, Topeka to Moose Jaw) and I figure there are people out there that have done the trip, have the GPS tracks that shows how they did it, and have a great story and pics to go along with it. What was the weather like, what did you have to watch out for, etc.?

For example, I personally would find it useful seeing the routes through the rigs in the Gulf and across to Florida, pics of what those rigs look like at night, anchorages that might be along the way, and that kind of thing.

I would love to see CD's track of his recent trip across (to go with his great pics and story). And I'm sure many others would like to see other passages from people like Eryka, Zanshin, Omatako, St. Anna, DylanWinter, etc. as they sail in places all over the world.

If people are interested, we could set up a Google Maps account for SN and I could put up instructions on how to upload a GPX file from your GPS.

What do you think? Let's have some fun with GPS!

St Anna 05-19-2010 05:34 AM

Hiya Smacker,
How goes life in the the rat race?
I think the planning and plotting (of the course!) is a big part of cruising life. Just because someone else went one way is a good reason to not exactly follow in their footsteps - you lose the idea of doing your own thing. As for anyone following where I have been - well the shortcuts over the shallows and the missing the beacon or two, not to mention how crowded the anchorage would be.. wouldn't be pretty.

We have had a slow start to the cruising season with a forced week in a marina. Need new GPS, a solenoid and a fuel pump. I will also fit a wind generator. Need to get the boss to find a job to pay for it all now.

smackdaddy 05-19-2010 08:13 AM

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Hey St! What's up dude? Oh, yeah, you just told me.

I knew you were out on your sailabout and was hoping you'd see this. I agree that the planning and plotting is critical, but it sure would be cool to have some actual examples in different areas. Just a thought (brilliant though it may be).

Get some pics up when you can. And tell the boss to get busy!

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