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administrator 10-28-2010 03:14 PM

Please welcome Scan Marine as Sailnet's newest advertiser
Please join me in welcoming as SailNet's newest advertiser.

Based in Seattle Washington Scan Marine Equipment - Cooking, Heating & Cabin Drying

Wallas Heater | Boat | Furnace | Stoves | Cooking Equipment |

velero 10-28-2010 03:44 PM

jrd22 10-28-2010 04:05 PM

I bought a Wallas diesel furnace from Scan a couple of years ago. Great support and great product, thumbs up!

Stillraining 10-28-2010 04:08 PM

I was wondering about that John...I could not remember the brand you installed.....Which model and whats the REAL world amp draw and fuel burn rate.

Westlake2 10-28-2010 07:31 PM

Link is wrong

administrator 11-01-2010 08:57 AM

so sorry for my mistake in the original post - it has been corrected. That'll teach me not to rush before heading out to use the boat for a long weekend!

Wallas Heater | Boat | Furnace | Stoves | Cooking Equipment |

JohnRPollard 11-01-2010 09:07 AM

Great to have you on board, Westlake2/Doug!

We field many questions about boat heating systems. Your expertise will be very valuable to the membership.

jrd22 11-01-2010 11:45 AM

Still- We bought the 40D forced air furnace and installed it ourselves. I can't tell you about fuel consumption other than to say it's very little. The first winter after I installed it the boat was out of the marina with no shore power because of low tides and as luck would have it we got a bitter cold Nor'easter for 4-5 days during which I ran the furnace non-stop at a fairly high setting. I kept looking at the sight glass on the fuel tank the furnace draws out of and I could never see any discernible change ( 95 US gal cap.). The furnace kept the boat at about 55F while the outside temp was in the teens with a 30+ knot wind blowing.
The amp draw varies with the temp/fan setting. I'll be at the boat today and should be able to get some accurate readings since it's doubtful that the solar panels are going to be contributing anything today (Pineapple express = monsoon rain and dark). I'll post the readings I get.

olson34 11-01-2010 02:51 PM

Fuelish Thoughts
We are contemplating a small furnace for our 34 footer. Duct space is very tight. We will likely have to go with the smaller of their forced air furnaces, like the 30D.
In the last year though, I have identified a new problem that's coming from out of left field (there's a corn-sourced alcohol pun there somewhere...).
I now find that while I can still find "off road" diesel at marina fuel docks for the near future, there is no assurance that this fuel will stay on the market.
Like the zero choice we have for gasoline and diesel for road use, our marine fuels may also soon end up with quite a potent witches' brew of chemical additives and alcohol.
Since my boating use involves filling a tank about twice a year and then letting the diesel sit there for up to six months, I am concerned about how well this mixture will stay "mixed". I already read stories of diesel furnaces (no particular brand) with burners clogged with odd soot or whatever byproducts that arrived with the new fuel blends.

I hope that an engineer from ScanMarine can give us customers some guidance. After paying well over 2K for a little box of furnace parts, plus adding many hours of time to do the install, I want it to work without problems.

Thanks for any help.

jrd22 11-01-2010 03:05 PM

I have always understood that offroad (dyed), highway, and #2 heating oil are all the same product. Is dyed diesel not the same low sulphur sold for highway use? I have bought diesel in a variety of places and haven't had any issues with the furnace at all.

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