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allene222 11-15-2012 09:53 PM

StartLine Racing app for Android
I hate cross posting so I won't repeat what I posted in the general section. I probably should just have posted here as this is a racing app. I will just explain that this app was developed by racing and I didn't quit until it actually got me to the starting line on time, going fast. As readers of may know, I tried several of the existing apps and found that they either did not really help you get to the line on time, or they were impossible to read because of low contrast displays. Some of them are very pretty and StartLine has all the beauty of a knot meter but it works. StartLine (search for that on the Google Play store -- one word) uses large high contrast lettering and all the programs navigation is done off these large letters. You don't have to hunt for the small phone nav buttons that are impossible to see in the cockpit.

While mainly developed to get fast starts, it also has a flexible waypoint capability that is easy to use and displays the relative direction to the next mark, the time to that mark (compensated for tacking by the way) as well as speed and heading.

I will also add that a lot of work went into the accuracy of the GPS system. Readings are once a second as that gives the brain time to process the readings but if you ping one end of the line, that location is interpolated between GPS events to the milli second. There is also velocity compensation of location so that the delays and processing time don't end up telling you where you were rather than where you are.

It is a stand alone GPS based application and if that is what you are looking for, I think you will like it.

Check out a complete users guide at and hit the Android StartLine tab.

tdolby 03-02-2015 10:36 AM

Re: StartLine Racing app for Android
Any plans to bring out an Android Wear version of StartLine? The Apple watch will be clunky and not waterproof, and I'm not sure if Pebble will survive, but there are some very cool new Android-based waterproof smart watches coming out nowadays, including Huawei and the Moto 360 (v2 due soon) and the LG. Two years from now I have no doubt many sail racers will be using these every start. It would be nice if your app was the de facto standard, maybe you could sell it to Casio or someone!

allene222 03-02-2015 11:02 AM

Re: StartLine Racing app for Android
StartLine has come a long way in the past couple of years of development. Among other improvements, it will now work with Pebble. There is also a companion RaceBox that can be built for under $100 that interfaces to a nmea-0183 network, does true wind corrections, and communicates with StartLine over Bluetooth. Right now it is optimized for TackTick but there is no reason it could not be extended to other instruments. The latest version is called StartLine 5.

Pebble is ideal because it can be seen in bright daylight. I have both a Pebble and an LG G watch. Pebble is the much better solution.

StartLine is free now. It does require a license or it will stop after 15 minutes. You can try it without a licence. You do need to qualify to get the licence. You need to be serious about raceing, not compete with other users, and answer a short questionnaire correctly. To lift a quote from an email I got this morning Startline has "improved our starts enormously". That said the app is now very complicated. It deals with current and has a full set of "Wind" screens for estimating the apparent wind on upcoming legs. It is not as complicated as Expedition but it is closer to that than other starting racing apps. That may scare people away, I am not sure, but if you are willing to invest the time and contribute to the StartLine development in some way, I am sure you will find it the best Android app for racing that there is.

Full disclosure. I make no money from this app. I make no money from the Race Box. I do this because I can and because because I enjoy the StartLine community.

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