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NewsReader 07-23-2006 04:15 AM
CHARLESTON ? Chris Sinnett sat in the captain?s quarters of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy bark Eagle, the largest tall sailing ship flying an American flag, and signed autographs like a seafaring...
NewsReader 07-23-2006 02:15 AM
Why do motorists persist in running red lights? It defies explanation as I marvel daily at the volume of lunatics blithely sailing through long turned red lights, oblivious to the oncoming traffic. ...
NewsReader 07-23-2006 02:15 AM
More than 10 years ago, Lee Newkirk asked her boss Kim Kaminski for the day off so she could go sailing. In return, Newkirk and her boyfriend taught Kaminski how to sail. Link To Original Article
NewsReader 07-22-2006 07:15 PM
At 16.45 this afternoon, a severe squall ran through the Wash, which hit Hunstanton Sailing Club's Regatta causing 48 out of the 50 boats present to upturn, depositing a total of 82 of their...
NewsReader 07-22-2006 05:15 PM
HYDERABAD: The laser National sailing championships will be held at the Hussain Sagar here from August 6 to 12 to mark the Hyderabad sailing week. Asian Games bronze medallist Rajesh Chaudhary,...
NewsReader 07-22-2006 01:15 PM
On Saturday noon, passenger ferryboat Penelope, which was transporting 681 persons en route to Mykonos-Tinos-Andros-Rafina, crashed into the port of Andros. The passengers of Penelope continued their...
NewsReader 07-22-2006 12:15 PM
PASADENA -- The S.S. NBC is charting course for calmer waters. Comparing his network to a sailboat, NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly predicted at the peacock's opening session Friday at the...
NewsReader 07-22-2006 09:16 AM
AUSTIN -- It should be smooth sailing for Austin's flood mitigation projects, all way to the final dry dock Link To Original Article
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