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CowboyPhD 04-11-2006 07:34 PM

Atomic 4 parts.
I have decided against the advice of all of my peers (they think more like piers) to revive my A4. I need to replacecap, condenser, points and rotor. Where can I get these parts locally? Do I have to go through Moyer? Is Moyer more expensive than local auto shop? If not I'd prefer to buy from MMI, just on a budget. If it's within a few bucks I'll order online. Still would like to know model #'s etc. to order from local auto shop in a pinch. Also, need to rebuild carburetor. Can I just take apart, clean/soak and replace gasket, or do I need to replace all the valves, springs, etc.? (Never rebuilt a carb before- but very mech. inclined.)

Jim H 04-13-2006 11:17 AM

It should only take a few phone calls to find out of the parts are available or could be ordered by a local shop, and that might be worth buying locally even if a few bucks more. In a pinch, it's normally better to know where to go locally, and at the same time you might find out how does the best work on Atomic 4s in case you need help.

If you haven't yet, search the boards at Moyer for stories and directions offered by others who have done the work you're doing. You might find enough details there. If not, consider spending the $$$ on the manual offered by Moyer.

Good luck!

Jim H

wilmingtonisland 11-14-2006 05:19 PM

I went to NAPA auto store, told them I wanted Delco four cylinder distributor cap, and Delco Points and Condenser and Rotor. They fixed me up in 10 minutes. Also bought new plugs there.


tenders 11-15-2006 06:13 PM

You need this link:

You will probably find that your local parts store will have to order some of this anyway so my recommendation is to keep the list handy but use Moyer for the first time at least.

Definitely order the carb rebuild kit from Moyer. It isn't hard to do even if you've never taken a carb apart. The A4 carb is so simple that once you have it apart you'll probably be amazed it does anything at all.

PS -- you shouldn't plan to acquire most of these kinds of parts "in a pinch." You should have an extra set around anyway, you may need them for troubleshooting.

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