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NorfolkRagbagger 06-17-2007 05:25 PM

Hose block fitting, RH btw w/pump & thermostat
On starting my recently acquired A4 (recently acquired boat with A4,) I saw considerable water coming out of a fitting (see image) on the RH side of the engine. The fitting is a "T" with a hose going to the thermostat and water pump.

I tightened the clamps on the hoses, no fix, then pulled the hoses off, found the problem was the fitting as it went into the block. The fitting is bronze, common, no big deal. Upon removing it, it was noticeably loose in the block, just about fell out due to the corroded insert area, then upon removal the plate that the fitting screws into literally crumbled; I almost sh*t, then noticed the fitting threaded into a plate. Glad it wasn't the block itself.

Corrosion is considerable and needs attention, but does anyone know here I could get the flat plate, about 4" tall, 12" long (wild guess on dimensions).

I hope it's clear what I'm referring to in the images.

This forum is an oracle of information. Thanks for any advise.

Well, scratch the pictures, I've checked sizes, etc, they're way below the size allowances, but I failed in the upload 5 or 6 times. If they will help, I'll find somewhere else to post them.

Got lucky! Posted the images here!: Welcome to your Personal Web Pages!

Thanks again.

ChicagoNewport27 06-18-2007 05:32 PM

Easy! That's a Water Jacket Side Plate:

You can get them at Moyer Marine, with or without all the fittings.
Water Jacket Side Plate at Moyer Marine (follow this link, then scroll down)

For more assistance, contact the experts at Moyer Marine (
Moyer Marine Atomic 4 Engine Rebuilding and Parts
Moyer Marine Forums

NorfolkRagbagger 06-18-2007 06:34 PM

Water jacket side plate
Sometimes it's amazing how close you can be to finding something, if only you looked in the logical place! Thanks a million. I'd suspect Moyer Marine and I will be becoming quite familiar. Thanks again, you made my day (and likely the season!)

By the way, the Moyer Marine site is a Godsend. I find the community there for us "old" A4 owners to be outstanding. KUDOS to Mr. Moyer.

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