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bob1956 07-09-2007 02:01 AM

Engin Knock
My A4 has developed a knock. Not sure which cylinder, but it looks bad. Local marine center suggests buying a rebuilt and have them swap. They are not too interested in rebuilding mine. I have checked Moyer Marine, and I can get a rebuilt there. Are there any other options? Any body in the Redondo Beach Ca. area? Is there any downside to a swap as the Marine center sugggests?

Comments people who have bought a rebuilt and swapped there engine out would be greatly appreaciated (spelling)


knotaloud 07-09-2007 02:31 AM

I work for a Marine Service Center in Seattle and it's pretty common to swap in a rebuilt engine, rather than rebuild the existing one. Rebuilts are as good as a new (get a warranty) but much cheaper. Having yours rebuilt would take a lot longer, and would require a pretty specialized shop, lots of places sell rebuilt motors and do swaps, but only some actually rebuild. Can I ask what price you were quoted on the rebuilt A4? Are you just getting a short block or the whole thing?

USCGRET1990 07-09-2007 09:29 AM

I researched the Moyer site a while back and think the price for a rebuilt a bit steep.(something like $4k) You will also have to pay shipping for both sending your old motor for exchange and for shipment of your rebuilt. In that they are on the east coast, that's probably going to be expensive.
The old A4's are a very simple engine, much like the old Cris Craft K engines from the 40's. Seems like any good engine rebuild shop should easily be able to rebuild one of these. They probably would have to get any needed parts from Moyer. A fellow sailor in my marina had the same problem with his.
Last I knew, he was researching the options for re-installing a small diesel (used) for not much more cost than the rebuilt A4. Food for thought.

hellosailor 07-09-2007 11:14 AM

An A4 is a classic industrial engine. If the knock is something sinister like a "od knock" indicating death and disaster are soon to come...there's no reason a local shop can't do a proper rebuild. Any COMPETENT engine mechanic can do the rebuild, and most handy boatowners could actually do it--given the time and space.

If you can't get a local referral to a good engine shop (one where the shop is fairly clean and the folks aren't shouting and cursing all day) ask a local NAPA or AgWay dealer if they know a good engine shop or tractor engine shop.

There's nothing fancy in an A4, it is just a classic gasoline engine still using 1950's technology and running at such a low compression ratio that it can run damn near forever.

cardiacpaul 07-09-2007 10:46 PM

Rings: Made by Hastings Part # 6520-std,or 6520-10,-20,-30 for oversize for larger pistons Price U$ 30.00/set
Main Bearings: Made by Federal Mogul Part # 5140M-std,or 5140M10,20,30 for oversize after grinding. Price U$ 120.00 for the set for both bearings
Rod Bearings: Made by Federal Mogul Part# 3875SB-std, or 3875SB-10,-20,-30 for oversize after grinding Price U$ 14.00
having the machine shop fit the rings, and the bearings, turn the crank, valve job, face, and install head about 800.00 labor
gasket set about 100.00
new thermostat 140.00 (use the moyer one)
rebuild kit for carb, 20.00
tune up parts, less than 50.00.
done like dinner.

bob1956 07-09-2007 11:40 PM

Thank you all for your comments... I will give them all consideration and let you know. The Moyer Price for a completely rebuilt engine with a new head, water pump, carb, upgraded eletronic ignition, and an electric fuel pump is 4400 plus shipping. No sure if there is any warrentee. Not sure how much good a warrentee will do me anyway seeing I am on the West Coast and Don's Shop is on the east Coast (I think). I got an estimate from a shop in MDR to convert to a new Universal Desiel for 12k. A lot of money for a poor sailor! Thank again for all of your input!

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