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QuickMick 10-30-2009 03:50 PM

a4--starting the rehab
starting the process of checking out the a4. i know it turns over....
1 pull plugs
2 couple of shots tranny fluid in each cyl.
3 pull coil wire
4 old towel over top
5 bump ignition to get it movin
6 drain fuel bulb
7 wee bit tranny fluid in fuel bulb
8 bump ignition
wait 5 min, bump ignition... and hopefully then when running expect to foul plugs... replace, then kit the carb...
you have experience with the a4? does this make sense?
also, are the controls standard? the cockpit has a recessed area with two silver levers.... now one is (the shorter one/more to the inside of the boat) is all the way forward, the other is centered.... i imagine i should make sure this baby is in neutral as i do this stuff. is there a standard neutral position for these? my mech told me i would feel neutral 'lock'

CalebD 10-30-2009 04:31 PM

Firstly, congrats on wanting to roll up your sleeves and get your ol' A4 ticking along. You don't say what symptoms it is having that make you want to do this procedure. I'd also highly recommend you join the Moyer Marine A4 forums as there are many hands on owners over there who will not flame you for having a gas engine on your boat. Moyer Marine Atomic 4 Community - Powered by vBulletin
I have a 41 year old A4 and can tell you that MM is by far the best A4 resource on the web besides CardiacPaul (a member here) who will likely give you good advice and flame you all at once!

Your list was:
1 pull plugs (got new plugs? Champion RJ12C or better Autolite 437)
2 couple of shots tranny fluid in each cyl. (why tranny fluid? Use Marvel Mystery Oil instead and squirt it away from the manifold to lube the valves)
3 pull coil wire (pull wire coil? yes. New ones aren't expensive - Napa)
4 old towel over top (that is kind of sweet! I love/hate my engine too.)
5 bump ignition to get it movin (you did replace the plugs right?)
6 drain fuel bulb (you would do yourself a favor and get rid of all the old fuel and start with some fresh fuel. Do you know how long that fuel has been sitting around?)
7 wee bit tranny fluid in fuel bulb (again, not tranny fluid - Marvel Mystery Oil)
8 bump ignition (again?)

I would add (in no particular order):
- check or change water pump impeller
- change fuel filters, you should have a water separating filter
- change oil ASAP (Rotella T sae 30 is very good)
- replace ignition wires (firing sequence 1,2,4,3)
- replace distributor cap & rotor
- points or electric ignition?
You should be able to get most of these parts at a good auto parts store but Moyer sells all of the correct items at a slight premium. It is worth it if it saves you from running around or if you are not sure about what you need.
My best.

Waltthesalt 10-30-2009 09:24 PM

I recommend checking Moyer Marine on line and his FAQs

MrkSchmt 11-08-2009 03:02 PM

I don't think you'll feel neutral "lock" -- you'll feel forward lock, what they call the "detente", and you'll feel it release as you disengage from forward into neutral.


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