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atansev 04-04-2008 07:11 AM

oceanis 43
Dear all,
My new boat Oceanis 43 will arrive soon.
Do you have any suggestions about her?

bubb2 04-04-2008 07:19 AM

Yes I do have suggestions, sail her well and enjoy her! Congratulations Captain!

camaraderie 04-04-2008 10:41 AM

No suggestions...but welcome and congratulations on your new boat!

dwf 04-05-2008 10:47 AM


I have an Oceanis 43 since august 2007.

I will be happy to exchange views with you.


CanDrac 04-06-2008 10:30 PM

Also awaiting delivery on a 43! You should join the Beneteau Corner on so we can exchange tips! You can see some of our first photos on our SeaKnots profile (including some taken at the factory during construction): http: //

atansev 04-08-2008 05:52 AM

Thanks to you all..I am really happy to be here..
I ll take care your kind advises

negrini 04-11-2008 01:12 AM

I'm finishing negotiations on my OC 43
Guys, I have some question about it and would appreciate your clarification, or share of your experience. How you're about the systems, failures, and liveability of the boat ?

1- What brand and power is your windlass ?
2- What brand is the MP3 radio ? Does it support iPod ?
3- What brand are the loudspeakers ? size ?
4- Where they install it belowdecks ?
5- Does showers comes with protection (that acrilic door to avoid wetting) ?
6- What size (Amps) is the extra battery ?
7- Where they mount the microwave ?
8- Does the microwave runs out of the inverter ?

Thanks for your patience ....

atansev 04-21-2008 04:23 AM

2-I myself have it done a Sony DVD Player it has a MP3 socket
3-/4-I rathered JBL 20cm the 2 are just under the cockpit helm seats
5-The protections are extra price as known , I didn't want them.And I am still very happy without them.
6-2X120 amp and 1x 90 amp
7-I dont have microwave
8-In my ex boat ( oc 373 ),microwave runs only with shore power..

negrini 04-23-2008 11:24 PM

Thanks Atansev
I just returned 2hs ago from dealer, and finally closed the deal. My OC43 should arrive somewhere begining November, in time to use next weather window to bring her home !!!!

negrini 05-01-2008 01:15 AM

One more point ...
90 galons seems a very small tankage. Cruising with family will make some short of water. Anyone has fixed it ?

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