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RandyonR3 10-20-2012 09:41 PM

anchor rode issues
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we own a mid 80s FIRST 42.. the anchor lockers, two of them, left and right..
we once carried 600 feet of chain so only used the right locker but have recently cut down to 200 feet of chain and backing it up with another 600 feet of rope rode..
using a Muir Cougar windless so the chain gypsy is on the right and the rope roller is on the left..
now the issue.. if you look at the picture, the forestay seperates the two lockers.. havent figured out to conect the rope to the chain to utilize both sides of the windless..
had an Idea of adding a welded link about 10 feet from the bitter end of the chain with a quick disconect on the end of the chain.. when the chain was let out to the welded link, the rope was lead around the forestay, conected to the welded link, and the remainder of the chain let out , taking up the slack in the rope. the chain would be tossed over and the rope would then be let out on the roller..
when pulling in, the reverse would be done..
anyone got any better ideas.......short of replacing the windless

SimonV 10-21-2012 07:31 AM

Re: anchor rode issues
Just change the gypsy to a rope-chain one , they are cheap and readily available in different sizes.

Rope–chain windlasses use a single gypsy with normal chain pockets on the perimeter and V–shaped grooves in the center to handle rope. This requires that your anchor rope be spliced directly to the last link of chain.

Letrappes 11-01-2012 05:17 PM

Re: anchor rode issues
SimonV: I have a similar problem to RandyonR3. I hadn't thought of switching to chain/rode combo gypsy before. I've done a quick search and nothing pops out as to where to buy one. Any recommendations on this? I would go to the original manufacturer but I don't have a clue who it was as there is nothing engraved on the windlass.

Skip20 01-14-2013 01:06 AM

Re: anchor rode issues
I'm cruising in a Sailstar Corsair 24 (Bristol), a heavy displacement puppy. Will 1/4" all chain rode be sufficient to hold her in a blow? Anchor would be a CQR 25 or 35 lb.

Appreciate your opinions, thank you. Skip20

zeehag 03-21-2013 10:47 AM

Re: anchor rode issues
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i can show why not to use rope rode on west coast of usa and mexico....
Mariners Save Duct Tape

March 20, 2013 – La Cruz, Mexico

Duct tape comes to the rescue of mariners all the time. In this case, the mariners came to the rescue of Duct Tape.

Julia Siudyla and her husband Josh quit their jobs in 2012 to spend a year cruising Mexico aboard their Columbia 36 Sweet Cherri. The young Alameda couple were anchored off La Cruz, on the north shore of Mexico's Banderas Bay, on Saturday when they watched helplessly as the imperiled cruising sloop Duct Tape dragged anchor and fetched up on the rocks. "We witnessed one of the most heart wrenching sights a mariner can endure — another mariner in severe distress," wrote Julia.

Duct Tape dragged anchor onto this rocky reef off the La Cruz shoreline.
2013 Julia Siudyla

"Our neighbors dragged anchor and ran aground, getting battered against the rocks in the surf. We watched paralyzed in fear for their safety. We listened to their calls for help on the VHF radio. There wasn't much we could do, as we do not have a dinghy with a motor. The boat, Duct Tape, was swept onto the rocks in 15-knot winds on a rising tide. Almost immediately, five dinghies went to try to assist them. The Good Samaritans tried everything to pull them off the rocks.

Fellow mariners risked life and limb to save the stricken sailboat.
2013 Julia Siudyla

"After about 20-25 minutes of futile attempts by the sailors on the dinghies, several Mexican fishermen in pangas showed up to help. It took the boaters on the pangas and dinghies at least another 20-25 minutes of working together to get the boat freed and towed into the La Cruz Marina. Seeing everyone who could come together to save this boat, to save these people's home, was one of the most spectacular things I have ever witnessed. As they were freed, the anchorage was alive with other boaters in the anchorage sounding their air horns. I was not the only one holding my breath.

"The distress call had gone out: 'Pan pan...pan pan...pan pan...calling all mariners: There is a vessel in distress in the vicinity of La Cruz. All mariners in the vicinity are requested to keep a sharp lookout and assist if possible.' This call was answered today."

seems the chafe was 5 ft from the distal end of rope--5 ft from chain.
is a sad day for the owners of duct tape, but the rocks on bottom will teach the most obstinate of us to use all chain here.

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