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camaraderie 07-29-2008 12:36 AM

Subforum RULES
We are trying to make Sailnet better and are today introducing 6 new forums where members may offer their boats for sale at no charge, and other members may view these boats. We are trying to do something for the membership but we need some ground rules to make it work to provide another service for sailors. As such, our preliminary rules follow.
Now, please bear with us if we need to change the rules mid-stream, based upon how this turns out.

The new "Boat Buyers Forums" Forums have been implemented to allow contributing sailnet members a place to display and sell their boats to other members. As such, there are EXPLICIT rules governing the use of these new forums. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the listing being deleted and further listings banned for 6 months.

1. To LIST your boat you must be a CONTRIBUTING sailnet member with minimum 50 posts in the sailing forums and 12 months of membership. 50 posts in Off Topic do not count must be a legitimate community member and contributer.
2. ONE listing in any 6 month period is permitted. No brokers. You must be the owner of the boat. Listing must be deleted when boat is sold.
3. Posts will be removed one year past their posting date to avoid clutter. You may re-post if boat remains unsold.
4. Posts may contain ONE photo of 400x600 pixels maximum (externally hosted) and may contain links to external site photos and descriptions. You may post as much text as you need in your description of the vessel.
5. Posters may NOT actively or explicitly direct others to their ad from other posts on sailnet, but may establish a link in their signature.
6. BUYERS...may contact sellers ONLY through PM's or E-mails. No posts other than boat listings may be made n these forums.
7. Banned members will have their listings deleted.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in making these new forums work!

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