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dshearn 07-04-2004 12:52 PM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
Looking at both these boats. I am novice but looking at there PFR rateing they both seem quite quick ( farr though much faster i take it). Question i have is How sea Worthy are they , Could i some day use them to cruise. I understand the Water and Fuel capacity would need upgradeing but what of there overall seaworthness. I assume i would give up quite a bit of creature comfort to use these boats as cruisers, But maybe its not as bad as i think . One last thing. There is also a 39 foot pearson for sale in my area i know its not like the other two above but....could that be used as a ocean going boat? ( i know the whole xyz crossed the world in a rowboat aurgument) if its not "bluewater" can it be made so with in reason?

Thanks in advance that is alot of questions i know i really appricate any and all conments. Being new to boating i put great weight in the information i consume from the posters here.

Jeff_H 07-04-2004 02:08 PM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
I am assuming that the 1985 40 foot Farr is actually a Farr 1220 and not a 40 foot Farr designed IOR race boat from that era. The 1220 is a longer, later update to my own boat, which is a Farr 11.6. They were both designed as typical New Zealand or Australian style cruisers. Cruising in these areas means lots of light air and lots of heavy going. It often means covering very long distances in exposed conditions. In that regard these boats are intended to deal with very changeable conditions and are quite robustly engineered. They are quite fast for a cruising boat of that era and have had a good track record offshore. My boat has proven to be easy to sail (often single-hand or with one other crew person) across a wide range of windspeeds and conditions. I find that my boat has a wonderfully comfortable motion even in a short chop. NZ and AUS boats tend to be a little less plush that N. American and EU boats but things really work well on them. They seem to go in for good seaberths and workable galleys (although a bit on the small size).

The 1976 C&C was an IOR design from the period that made the IOR rule notorious. These are boats that really took large crews and large sail inventories to sail well. They would not be my idea of a good offshore boat.

There were several 39 foot Pearson models. While they are reasonable coastal cruisers, they make little sense as distance cruisers. But of you meant by, "ocean going boat" a boat that could jump offshore at LIS and go to Maine, the Pearson would be fine for that purpose.


dshearn 07-04-2004 02:14 PM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
Jeff thanks for your responseand so quick :)..... Unfourtnetly the 1220 is out of my price range . I belive this is just listed as a 40 foor Farr. Worth noteing as well that the CnC is a custom Flat top boat as well. The more i read about the Farr boats the more i like them.

Jeff_H 07-04-2004 08:23 PM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
If you provide a link to the listing I will take a look.


geohan 07-04-2004 10:53 PM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c

I''ve read a couple of posts on the Laser 28 forum complaining of hull/deck leaks amidships and that the join depended upon caulk and staples. Did/do you have any problems with this construction? Thanks in advance.

Regards, George

dshearn 07-05-2004 02:15 AM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
Thanks again for the Reply Jeff , i have sent you a link to both threw you posted Email. Forgive any spelling errors or incoherient thouhts i hit the send button prematurly:)

Jeff_H 07-05-2004 05:43 AM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
Paladan (the Farr) appears to be an old Farr one tonner and a close relative to Snake Oil and the Garratt 40''s. These were good boats for an IOR boat but not exactly great cruising boats. Paladan looks like she was heavily modified as an offshore single-handed racer and as such would be a very interesting boat, albeit one that like most IOR era boats would have a pretty uncomfortable motion. She also could be very tired after doing a racing circumnavigation and the hard races that she has been in.

The C&C is a cool boat for her day, but again, not exactly a very good cruiser, lacking basic amenities such as ventilation and tankage. The big issue with IOR boats of the 1970''s was that they required big, athletic crews to sail.

You might do better looking for a Farr 11.6 which was designed as a cruising boat. One in less than pristine condition will typically sell in your general price range.


dshearn 07-05-2004 08:19 AM

If ya got a second 85 40''''farr vs 76 42'''' c&c
Thank you for your insight Jeff. Ill keep my eyes open. I am happy with my Cal 33 but must admit I really like the Farr boat line and would grab one up if i could get it for the correct price. Ill look in to the 11.6 , not sure i saw any for sale lately.

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