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TARDIS 07-19-2004 12:52 PM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
Ok, Been lerking for quite some time, Thought I would beat a dead horse and ask the collective experts for recommended cruising boats to consider. Have sailed small (laser, hobies, etc) for many years, have crewed on 30 to 52 footers, have an Oday 222 now to sail and teach the fiancée. Looking to move to Florida (Ft. Meyers/ Cape Coral) in a year or two, buy a larger boat in the 38-42 foot range, do coastal, and then crib sailing and then who knows. Would also live / sail on the boat part time during high season while renting out condo. Price range is $100K give or take $20k. + extra $20-$40k for repairs /fit out. Fairly handy with tools /electronics / welder, engines, etc.

Ideally a 5 foot or less keel for the south Florida waters with a skeg rudder, or modified full keel or K/CB, cutter rigged , center or aft cockpit. Larger galley and a separate shower stall (required for the fiancée). Been looking at a few boats off and on including 42-38 Irwin’s, 38-40, Endeavours, Pearsons, etc. Looked at an IP 35, nice interior, but looks like a potentially weak rudder, slow sailing and way too pricy. Not looking to race, would rather have a stronger sea kindly craft able to singlehand it, if needed. So based on the above what would you recommend.

Thanks Ben

wtcannon 07-20-2004 06:24 PM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
Ben, I''m just a sailor returning to the sport after 10 years away. I''m looking for a boat in the same class and for the same use as you.

I''d like to swap some info with you as we continue our respective searches. Let me know.


Tom3 07-22-2004 10:36 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
Do a search on Ralph Munroe and his sharpie designes. They are very good boats and some of them are in your size range. Munroe lived in Florida (his house is now a state park) and designed with Florida sailing in mind. Though he designed 100 years ago people are still building them today.

Good luck

jerryrlitton 08-04-2004 06:01 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
I was looking at a Westsail 42/43 or a Tayana 42. Does anyone have an opinion on these 2 as blue water boats?

TARDIS 08-06-2004 07:13 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
Well looking at a 1984 40'' endeavour and a 1986 43 morgan, both sloop rig. Leaning heavy on the endeavour mainly as previous owner had replaced the fuel tank, rebuilt engine, plus new paint, etc. It''s fairly complete with good sails and dingy. Any thoughts, observations recommendations on either would be helpfull.


Jeff_H 08-06-2004 10:10 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
My mother owned an Endeavour 40. While it was a nice boat in a lot of ways, the build quality and detailing was pretty poor and this is now a 20 year old boat. That said, I am not sure that the Morgan was built even as well as the Endeavour.


etbdjr 08-09-2004 05:54 PM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
Wow..both strong sturdy very interesting boats. The "wetsnail" maybe a bit beefier in the stringers but both high quality blu water boats. The Tayana has a #@$% of a lot to varnish...You may also want to look at a 1990 or so Pacific Seacraft..from firthand experience, about the best.

sailingfool 08-09-2004 07:06 PM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
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Lets see if we can wake the board up a bit.

I think the deference to Westsail as "blue water" is a lot of bunk. Let''s call a pig a pig. If you want a boat built to live through storms, put a mast on one of those barrels the nuts take over Niagra Falls. The issue isn''t whether the boat survives a storm, its whether the crew can survice the boat. What sailboat stars in "The Pefect Storm"?
A Westsail 32.
The creew wanted off even though the boat was not in any particular danger.

A sailboat that can''t perform well, that wont beat hard to windward in a stiff breeze or a light zephr, is more like a 1967 Covair, interesting to show but you really dont want to drive it daily.

Just my humble opinion.

Xanwar 08-14-2004 07:49 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
I''m also in the market for a similar boat, and I''ve about decided on an IP 38. Slow sailing was mentioned, but sail one yourself before you buy. I want a quality boat with shoal draft. A friend of mine who''s lived aboard 30 years recommends a 1980 or later Morgan OI classic. Another friend went with a Beneteau Moorings 38, price is right and they have a big shower. I''ve been looking and chartering for ten years and keep coming back to the IP. Half the fun is looking!

Jeff_H 08-14-2004 08:21 AM

38-42 cruiser recomendations
I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning the Island Packet having a post hung spade rudder that is as deep a the keel. Most designers of quality boats try to keep the rudders significantly shallower than the keel to protect them from damage. This is especially true of a post hung spade rudders such as used on the Island Packets. Local repair yard managers have mentioned the frequest damage to the IP rudders and rudder struts locally. To my way of thinking a boat with a shallow draft that can''t tolerate an occasional grounding is not really a shoal draft boat.

By the way, it is not just the slow sailing that is a problem with IP''s. More significantly is total lack of light to moderate sailing ability and the poor sailing characteristics at the high end of the wind range. The lighter air performance means a lot more motoring in areas like the US east coast where the predominant winds are pretty light.


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