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Advocate777 07-13-2013 09:37 PM

Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
Based on all of your accumulative knowledge; I have the following criteria so I welcome feedback especially since this thread is about the 'best' boats:

1.) Don't tell me to 'keep looking and when you fall in love with a boat you will know. Unfortunately there are too many boats to 'date' while waiting to 'fall in love'
2.) Don't tell me to 'sail every boat you can to learn what you really want' because I have already been sailing on alot of boats and I have certain restrictive parameters.
3.) Don't tell me to 'buy a dinghy now and learn how to sail best and then buy a bigger boat' because I already know how to sail and I am an old man and may die soon. I can buy 'one boat' for my life, at my age.
4.) I need to find a boat that can be found on the east coast of the USA. I cannot afford to travel to Mexico, the BVI's, Asia, or Panama to find a 'great deal'.
5.) I need a boat that is 'blue water capable or blue water modifiable'. I am not interested in a day sailor no matter how fast it sails or how neat it is.
6.) I need a smaller-ish sailboat that can be single-handed or 'mom and pop' crewed by a 55 year old skipper and a 45 year old first mate.
7.) I need a used sailboat for about 50K.
8.) I need that 50K sailboat to have a good diesel engine as part of the 50K.
9.) I can put about 20K more into the boat to prepare it over a 3-5 year period.
10.) The boat should be mid to heavy displacement and with a full keel with a seakindly motion that does not cause us to puke our guts out in a seaway or 24-hour passage.
11.) Although I can learn 'diesel mechanics', I am not a talented 'Do it yourself- lets build a new bulkhead' kind of guy. I am not great at manual mechanic skills- I am more of the intellectual brain power doctor/lawyer type skills; ie., no 'do it youself' ability whatsoever.........but not such a rich lawyer or doctor that I can pay someone else to do everything. In other words; I cannot do a 'fix-me-up' boat because I suck at changing a light bulb (although if you have been arrested or in need of an appendectomy our crew can save you- ha-ha..)
Based on the above criterion.....does anybody have a 'top 10 blue water sailboats readily accessible for review on America's east coast that do not require major deck work or tens of thousands of dollars in refit costs for blue water work for a crew of 2?)

Is that asking too much?
Help me to focus.....I am getting weary of my sailboat search...
HELP! Any ideas on what boats to focus in on?
(And dont tell me to buy what my heart falls in love with...

krisscross 07-13-2013 09:45 PM

Re: Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
Cape Dory 30 or 31, Westsail 32, Baba 30, Island Packet 29 or 31, Bristol 32 to 35, Pearson 365, and probably a lot more.
You have a realistic budget and realistic expectations. It should not be hard to find a good boat you are going to be happy with.

chuck53 07-13-2013 10:06 PM

Re: Buying a Cruiser
You say you want a blue water capable boat. Are you planning on crossing oceans or are you planning on island hopping around the Carribbean?
I ask because I'm not sure I would trust a $50k boat to cross oceans with, but there are any number of $50k coastal cruisers that would be fine for island hopping when you are rarely more than 100 miles from land.

cheoah 07-13-2013 10:10 PM

Re: Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
Might be an Alberg 30 for sale near me. It has a brand new Yanmar in it, 3GM I think. It is nothing fancy but you could have a lot of extra money to make it how you like. PM if interested, I will inquire. It is not listed that I know of.

It is a proven design, one just finished a circumnavigation recently but I'm sure there have been others.

MarkCK 07-13-2013 10:28 PM

Buying a Cruiser
50k might get you an older boat that might cross oceans, but would not have a lot of creature comforts.

CrazyRu 07-13-2013 11:38 PM

Re: Buying a Cruiser
if you are
1.more of the intellectual brain power.
2.I have already been sailing on alot of boats
you should already know the boat or you are lying about either 1. or 2. or both.

jimkyle99 07-14-2013 12:18 AM

Re: Buying a Cruiser
I've been looking with much the same criteria for nine months, until I'm getting cross eyed. The April 09 issue of practical Sailor has a comparison of "Affordable Cruising Sailboats over 35 feet and under $75k". These are not true blue water boats but still capable of serious coastal hopping I think. They are: Allied Princess 36, Bristol 35.5, C&C Landfall 38, Endeavour 37, Freedom 36, Niagara 35, O'Day 37, S2 11, and Tartan 37. There is a lot of the Allied, C&C and Endeavour listed for sale in the SE, the rest not so much but one or two usually. There are lots of other not so common boats on the market that I think would be just as suitable in theory. I'm at the point that I'll consider any boat that meets the general criteria and looks like it's priced right. Happy hunting

manatee 07-14-2013 12:24 AM

Re: Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
The fellow in the article referenced in this thread might be wanting to sell:

She took care of herself for almost 2 months on her own. Too bad the cops let the looters get to her.
Speaks well for the model, though.

Good luck!

MarioG 07-14-2013 01:04 AM

Re: Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
There is a nice Endeavour 37 ketch forsale here in Annapolis for 25k and if its anything like my Endeavour 32 with just more room I think it would fit your needs. And If you want to go with the 32 foot range I will sell you my 32 so I can buy the 37. my boat is in great shape, most systems new and Its been the perfect liveaboard boat. I really don't need a bigger boat, i just have a thing for ketch rigs.

SlowButSteady 07-14-2013 02:30 AM

Re: Buying a Cruiser---- I finally know what I need- please advise
A Nor'Sea 27 is a bit smaller than the boats already mentioned, but otherwise it would easily meet you requirements. Being only 27' it would also be easier to manage short handed.

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