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wychway 07-29-2004 12:26 AM

What boat shall I buy?

I have just sold my house and am intending to buy a yacht with my girlfriend to charter in the med/caribbean. I have a budget of 70,000 ($130,000) I have started to look for vessels but would be grateful for advise as to what I should and should not look for.

We are intending to offer crewed activity charters to the younger market with lots of water sports onboard, so space is more important than speed.

My ideas include a steel ketch up to 24m or may be a Gulet.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Ta - Paul

Jeff_H 07-29-2004 05:46 AM

What boat shall I buy?
The concept of creating a crewed charter opportunity catering to younger sailors is an interesting one. I would suspect that you would want a higher performance boat to keep a younger sailor''s interest and a lot of toys, windsurfers, kayaks, diving gear, etc.

That suggests a larger boat, probably something around 50 feet and a comparatively light boat. It would not suggest a low performance boat like a steel ketch. It would suggest something that is reasonably low maintenance so that you can keep charter rates lower (young people usually have less money to spend). Studies by respectible sources consistently suggest that steel tends to be one of the highest maintenance materials out there.

I would think that finding an older race boat that has been adapted to cruising would be one way to go as there tends to be a lot of volume on board and it would offer a lot of performance. Big cats are another excellent way to go in terms of speed and volume(although big cats, even at speed, really do not feel very exciting).


wychway 08-02-2004 01:41 PM

What boat shall I buy?

Many thanks for your thoughts, your ideas are greatly appreciated. We looked at a steel ketch today and agree that we need something more interesting.

Thanks again for your ideas.



VIEXILE 08-04-2004 07:08 AM

What boat shall I buy?
I recently drove a 1960+- Abeking and Rasmussen 52'' steel ketch down to Coral Bay and back, and I can attest to the fact that it goes like a freight train, everything self-tending and reaches at 9kn. Heavy, heavy bitch though. It''s now in Mass. and, I believe, for sale. Name VERITAS.

PaulPryor 08-06-2004 04:44 AM

What boat shall I buy?
Am looking at purchasing a late ''80s Catalina or Hunter 36'' ... any preferences between them? Thx.

jbanta 08-06-2004 08:05 AM

What boat shall I buy?
Do you like Ford or Cheve? Same kind of a differance. Both good boats, both production, both ment for coastal crusing. You have to decide which meets your needs best. I vote Catalina but you may like the Hunter better. After all it will beyour boat you''ll have to live with it.

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