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CatMan22 08-21-2013 08:47 PM

The Search Is On
One of those bittersweet days today, put my boat up for sale last Sunday and first person that looked at it boat it today, should have asked for more money I guess. This was my first year keeping it at a slip roughly an hour and a half away, which wasn't a big deal, but with being on call everyday but one weekend a month I just couldn't get away to enjoy it. I decided if I sold it I was going back o a trailer sailor and would keep it in dry dock at the local sailing lake and on then take it down to where I was keeping my other boat and rent a guest slip when I'm not on call. My question is I have 4 boats that I have narrowed down to go look at that are all pretty much the same price and all within 3 hours to go look at, they are in no particular order, a Catalina 22 which I owned one for 4 years and am real familiar with, a MacGregor 21, which I have looked at a couple but never sailed, a San Juan 21, only glanced at and totally in the dark about and a Tanzer 22, which I have never seen up close and am really intrigued by. I use the boat on weekends and spend one week a year on vacation on it, the local sailing lake is 1000 acres, the lake where I kept my other boat is 10,000 acres and I'd like to next year sail Lake Michigan on my vacation. Any feed back on the positives or negatives, performance ratings or just plain rants would be appreciated. Thanks.

Donna_F 08-22-2013 11:04 AM

Re: The Search Is On
My first boat was a Venture 2-22 which became MacGregor. The boat is perfectly fine and I learned how to sail on it. If you have sailing experience I would remove it from the list, especially considering your other choices and that you even mentioned performance. It just won't compare to a C22.

Alex W 08-22-2013 11:37 AM

Re: The Search Is On
Tanzer 22 and San Juan 21 are both very common up here in the PNW.

Everyone that I know who has owned a SJ21 has loved it. I think it's probably ideal for your use. It is a lot smaller and lighter than the Tanzer, which should make trailering and re-rigging a lot easier.

The Tanzer 22 is well regarded too. At my old marina I was surrounded by them (there were 4) in a marina with about 14 slips), but I never had a chance to sail one. They are said to be fairly fast, though I always found the design to appear to try and cram a full cruiser into 22'.

Personally my bias would be towards the SJ21, but I'd pick whatever is the better boat (condition/quality) for the price.

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