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coondogger 09-06-2004 06:10 AM

I need a faster, more comfortable boat
My International Folkboat is fine when the wiind is between ten and fifteen knots and steady. But if the wind drops below that, the boat slows to barely steerageway and wallows. Besides, my family hates the cabin. I''m on a lake which doesn''t get big waves and gets very variable winds. Mostly light air although it can go from 19 knots to 0 in a hurry. I was thinking along the lines of a Tartan 31, which fairly quick, but not radical in any way. I think this boat would handle a wide variety of wind conditions comfortably. Does anyone concur?

Jeff_H 09-06-2004 06:43 AM

I need a faster, more comfortable boat
The Tartan 31 is a very nice boat. I have a friend with one on Long Island Sound who bought his for his first boat and has cruised fairly long distances including taking the boat up to Maine. (After 5 or so years he is thinking of selling his very well maintained and equipped boat, so please feel free to email me for contact info if you are interested.) The boats seem to be very well built and sail well. That said, I personally prefer the big main/small jib rig proportions of the Folkboat for shorthanded sailing. (I owned and lived aboard a 1949 lapstrake wooden Folkboat back in the 1970''s. I loved that boat. I thought she did pretty well in light air with the 150% genoa that came with the boat but sailed well with the working jib in any breeze over 6 or so knots.)


coondogger 09-06-2004 08:10 AM

I need a faster, more comfortable boat
I have both a 150 and 155 genoa for the boat. The problem is the winds change so often that I am forever changing sails. It''s exhausting. I put on the genoa for 3 kts and ten minutes later the wind''s blowing 18 kts and I''ve got weather helm that won''t permit me to even turn the boat off wind. So I''ve got to heave to and go change the sail, then the minute I do, the wind disappears. That''s the way it is on the lake. Otherwise, if you discount the comfort factor of the Folkboat''s cabin, (I''ve often got my family and dog on board) the Folkboat''s ok. By the way, there is a larger
version of the folkboat: a Marieholm 33, which carries more sail, has more waterline, and a SA/D of 18 which would give it better light air capability. It''s another boat I''ve considered.

Jeff_H 09-06-2004 01:00 PM

I need a faster, more comfortable boat
Actually the Folkboat was a much more easily driven hull and so was reportedly a better light air boat than the Marieholm 33. Neither are very good lakes boats.


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