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Fabiandelete 09-26-2013 04:43 AM

What is this?
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Almost a month ago I bougth an small sailing yacht, it was said to be an beneteau pacific. But the beneteau pacific is a does not excist on the internet. My search in the Netherlands (where i live) has come up with some other boats that show similarities. Like the beneteau forban, kerlouan and baroudeur. And also a jaguar 22 or jeanneau start 6 or balboa 20/21.

Some spec's

Loa 6,2m
Width +- 2,4m
Draft minimum ,4m
Draft maximum 1,3m

It is an keel/ centerboard version. The numbers ar not exact eceaus i haven't got the oppertunity to check them.

Most interesting is maybe the sailmark "PR".

Who does now this type of boat?

Thanks in advance for your help

More photo's at my flickr (Fabiandelete)

Faster 09-26-2013 09:21 AM

Re: What is this?
Looks quite like the Catalina 22, which would be marketed in Europe as the Jaguar 22.. it certainly doesn't have the 'Beneteau' look in any way. The sail may not be original and the markings could be unrelated to the boat itself...

jimgo 09-26-2013 09:33 AM

Re: What is this?
Can you find a Hull Identification Number on the boat?

Fabiandelete 09-26-2013 09:48 AM

Re: What is this?

Originally Posted by jimgo (Post 1094072)
Can you find a Hull Identification Number on the boat?

Not yet, where is it positioned most of the time?

Qnd does anyone know with which boat the sailmark pr is associated?

TJC45 09-26-2013 10:09 AM

Re: What is this?
HIN is usually located just below the hull deck joint on the right side of the transom. ( back of the boat). Alternate locations are on the right side of the boat very near the stern and just below the hull deck joint. Or on the lower right side of the transom.

Can't help you with PR. Boat in pic doesn't look like any Beneteau I've ever seen.

jimgo 09-26-2013 10:29 AM

Re: What is this?
6.2m makes that roughly a 20' boat, if I'm doing the math right. That means it can't be the Catalina 22.

A few other identification resources:
Sail logos/insignia:
"Sailboat Logos Version 111905"

Hull Markings:
Good Old Boat - Boat Identifiers

Fabiandelete 09-26-2013 01:19 PM

Re: What is this?
I went to the boat today and measured everything.

The boat is not 6,2m what was told me, it is only 5,85m. The width is 2,3m.

I will upload some new photo's to flickr

And there was no hin on the stern, any possibilty's of it being in the inside?

jimgo 09-26-2013 01:44 PM

Re: What is this?
The HIN is usually on the transom, but I've seen it both inside and outside. As Faster stated above, it is typically on the outside, on the port side, just below the hull/deck joint (or just below the rub rail). But I've seen the HIN on the inside (i.e., in the cockpit) on the port side. Sometimes it is on a metal plate, but typically it is embedded in the fiberglass, and it can be hard to see.

Your dimensions make it a 19.5' boat. Some manufacturers will call that a 20, some will call it a 19, and some will call it a 5.8/5.9. If you have the time, try searching for boats between 19 and 20'. I saw approximately 170 listings, so you might have to spend a bit of time looking through everyting, but that should give you a good sense of what the boat might be.

jimgo 09-26-2013 01:51 PM

Re: What is this?
Looking more closely at the picture, I suspect that sail may not be original. Either that, or your boom isn't sitting at the right height in the picture, because the sail doesn't go all the way to the top of the mast. Interestingly, the jib appears to have the same issue.

Fabiandelete 09-26-2013 02:01 PM

Re: What is this?
I don't know anything about new sails put on the boat ( the previous owner hasn't done it). The jib migth be the small storm jib (I don't remember wich one is on the picture).

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