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voyageur_131 10-17-2013 11:35 PM

New search engine for sailboats

I created a tool to help me in my sailboat search and I thought I'd share it with you all: (sorry can't post link because this is my first post). It runs on a fairly small server and it's still in beta so I'm not sure what will happen if it gets heavier traffic but I guess we'll see. It uses gmail authentication so you need a gmail address to use it.

The problem: I have a list of about 30 boats that I'm interested in (I'm still at a very preliminary stage of my search). Going on yatchworld, sailboatlistings, boat trader and querying these 30 boats ends up in a total of 90 queries, takes too much of my time. provides a solution: you enter a list of sailboat you are interested in (it supports about 6000+ types of sailboat at this point) and enter a list of states you are considering (e.g., Washington state and Oregon), and the search engine gives you a nice summary of all boats which match your search. It does so by querying other search engines periodically, and it can email you if a new boat arrives on the market.

There can be a delay of 15-60 minutes between the time you create a search and the time results start appearing since it needs to query other engines.

It only works in the US for now. Feel free to use it and send me feedback if you have any (e.g., if you have issues, think of new features or if you know of a similar service out there)


p.s. here's a screenshot of an example search results

jimgo 10-17-2013 11:42 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
It's a neat concept. I did something similar, but only manually. What sites do you search/monitor?

voyageur_131 10-17-2013 11:45 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
Currently only and, adding another source is fairly easy although I didn't know what new source would be worth it. Any ideas?

jimgo 10-17-2013 11:49 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
Craigslist, sailingtexas, kajiji, for starters. I used others, too, but don't remember them now!

voyageur_131 10-17-2013 11:57 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
Adding and should be straightforward. Craigslist and kijiji might be a bit more tricky since parsing classified ads is trickier, but I think it would add a lot of value to the tool. Definitely adding that to my todo list.

thesnort 10-21-2013 10:29 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
You could also throw in ebay, latitude 38, catamaransite, and others I'm probably forgetting at the moment.

miatapaul 10-21-2013 10:32 PM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
I like it. You should turn it into an android app.

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jimgo 10-22-2013 12:08 AM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
Actually, two other places to consider are the want-ads here and over on Cruisers Forum. CF's classifieds seem to get a good bit of traffic.

Alex W 10-22-2013 12:14 AM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
It would be nice if the Terms of Service said you weren't going to use our email accounts for any other purposes...

voyageur_131 10-22-2013 03:25 AM

Re: New search engine for sailboats
Thanks thesnort and jimgo, I'll add these to do my list of sources to consider.

Alex W: I just added a terms of service that I picked from here: . It's available under the Creative Common Sharealike license so I just replaced Automattic by In summary, I guarantee I won't share the emails with anyone. At this point, I'm only using the emails to send notifications when new boats get on the market, and there's an unsuscribe button for that. Let me know if you have other questions about terms of service.

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