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Eaugallie 04-06-2001 03:07 PM

Help - Islander 28
I am looking at a 77 Islander 28 this weekend and would like to hear from anyone that has specific items I should be aware of with this boat. I hesitate to have it hauled and pay for a survey when I am paying less than 10k for the boat.

I would welcome any comments on places that have specific weakness with this model

Thank you

Eau Gallie

rbh1515 04-06-2001 06:31 PM

Help - Islander 28
Go to BoatCheck here on SailNet and there are 8 owners of Islander 28, most with reviews. You can email these people directly for info. Also, join the Islander email group and ask questions. Be careful, and go slowly, a good deal now may be a nightmare later. Rob ~~~~_/)~~~~

Jeff_H 04-07-2001 04:18 AM

Help - Islander 28
Unless you are extremely knowledgeable (in other words a surveyor yourself) I extremely strongly suggest that you get the boat surveyed by a SAMS or NAMS certified marine surveyor. When you talk about a boat from the Mid-1970''s (the worst period for blister and deck core problems)there are a wide range of posible problems that are likely. At 24 years old the boat may need some combination of blister or deck core repair, keel bolts, engine rebuild or replacement, instruments, standing and running rigging, upholstery, galley equipment, electrical work, rigging and bulkhead attachment point repairs, hull to keel joint,rudder and steering gear problems and so on, not to mention aesthetic issues. Any group of these items can easily exceed the purchase price several times over.
While most of these things are easy to detect, most of the really expensive things here are hard to detect if you don''t know what you are doing.


paulk 04-07-2001 05:04 AM

Help - Islander 28
Jeff (above) is right- if you do go ahead to buy the boat, GET A SURVEY. Your insurance co. will probably want one anyway. Before getting to that stage, however, you are doing the right things. Find out from other owners what the problem areas are and inspect them (and everything else) thoroughly on your own. If you still want to go ahead, then do. The surveyor will always find something - that''s what you''re paying him for, and you can use that as a bargaining chip to lower the sales price. If he finds a major item you missed,(hopefully not likely if you''ve done your homework) look at it as a cheaper lesson than it could have been. Happy Sailing!

Eaugallie 05-18-2001 12:49 PM

Help - Islander 28
Thanks for the replies,

I didn''t buy the Islander. I spent some qaulity time with the boat and found way more than I felt like taking on. There were no problems with the Deck as it is solid fiberglass and looked fine, but the compression post had collapsed the support under the floor and would have required the mast be removed, floor cut and new stainless foot be installed. All in all, I could have done it...but the idea is to sail not to restore. It is hard to get past that since I have worked on old Mustangs much of my life for a hobby. Difference is, I can keep them in the garage.

Thanks again for the help. The Survey is certainly the way I will go. It sometimes helps to hear it again.

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