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Wildheart001 08-31-2000 04:49 AM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
I am a relatively new sailor contemplating the purchase of my first sailboat.

My first choice, that I fell in love with the first time I saw it, is a Catalina 30. I''d like some advice on how to best rig one for singlehanding (I am a 5''5", 120 pound female).

My second choice (only thought of due to the current drought in Georgia and unprecedented low water levels in Lake Lanier) is a smaller, trailerable boat that I can haul around to different areas.

I''ve done lots of reading and research on the Catalina 30, but know nothing about the smaller boats.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I''d like to be able to eat/sleep on the boat, and know that with a smaller boat it will be like "camping on the water" so to speak, with basic accomodations.

I''ll be doing mostly lake sailing for the next few years, then want to do the Intracoastal waterway, the Florida Keys, maybe the Caribbean.

I do realize that if I buy a small boat now that I will most likely have to upgrade in size before embarking on adventures outside of the lake.

Any insight will be appreciated.



george_allred 09-09-2000 03:14 AM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
I have owned a couple of Catalina 22 before my curent C-30. In addition to sailing, I used the 22''s as a place to hide for a day. It''s not big enough to have a workable head, galley (hey you need coffee), air conditioning. When I bought my C-30 I had all these things so I could start spending the days and nights in comfort. And, I currently live on my boat.

Since this is your first, I would recommend renting some smaller boats for a while. But get the bigger boat when you are ready to make the commitment.


edgplus8 09-21-2000 05:20 PM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
Don''t think that you need the big boat for traveling the Intracoastal. The other day I ran into a guy who was entering the Erie Canal sailing a 23'' boat on his way to Florida. If the layout works for you don''t worry so much about the length of the boat.
Having said all that, consider going with something big enough to have an inboard engine. It''s a really long day if there isn''t any wind and you have to listen to an outboard whine for any length of time.
Good luck and happy sailing.


pgsailing 10-14-2000 06:20 AM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
Hi Wildheart001,

I''m also a new sailor contemplating buying a new boat. I was thinking about putting a boat on Lake Allatoona or Lanier until the drought changed my mind.

You might want to take a look at the Colgate 26 as it sounds like it would meet your needs. I''ve sailed on the 26 and it''s a great boat and reasonably priced.

I''m looking at buying something used in the 32-36'' range for weekend cruising and eventually a Caribbean cruise.

I''ll probably look around the Savannah area for a marina.

Good luck with your search.


Jeff 10-17-2000 06:40 AM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
I don''t know about that boat. But as one time boat owner looking to trade down from Holder 20. Which I liked and bought because of its sleek looks. I would say by a smaller boat if your not going to keep it at permanent location. I am singlehanded sailor and I can handle my 20''boat in and out of the water OK but it gets old and I watch the small boat guys get in and out of the water faster. This and the size of the mast kind of slows down my motivation to go explore other lakes.

MikeMoss 10-18-2000 09:28 AM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
Buy the Catalina 30. It''s a great boat.

Setting up the rigging on a trailer boat can be a hassle unless there is no alternative to the trailer.

Rig the C 30 with a autopilot and in lighter air you will be able to single hand it from the start.

Get yourself some leather and rubber gloves. They make all of us a lot "tougher".

Good luck. You have a plan. I like that.

dpierce 10-25-2000 12:35 PM

Trailerable boat vs. Catalina 30
Hi Wildheart,

Glad I saw your msg - I also live in the Atlanta area and am facing a similar decision. Please let us know how it goes.

Also, if you''d like to exchange notes on this, please drop me a line. I''d especially like to find out about sailing on Lake Lanier.



Woodstock, GA.

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