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washingwind 12-04-2013 09:01 PM

Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
I recently looked at a Cal 27 and Albin Vega. I was just curious if anyone has owned either and wanted to give their 2 cents. I was looking primarily to use it for coastal cruising on the east coast. Basically, I'm wondering if the Vega's seaworthiness really makes up for the lack of space in a boat in this size and age range. Thanks

Cal 27
Pros: Newer Diesel ~2 yrs old, Standing Headroom and Lots of Space (relative)
Cons: Needs Some Electronics

Albin Vega
Pros: Diesel ~7 yrs old, Windvane, Albin Vega's "Seaworthiness"
Cons: Headroom/Overall Size (feels lots smaller)


Faster 12-04-2013 09:17 PM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
What's your intended use? Strictly coastal, weekending, occasional 3-4 week summer (coastal) cruising? or.. Bahamas every summer, occasional shot down the Thorny path to island hop the Caribbean??

For me, if it's really down to just these two boats (and why is that????) then if the former, the Cal, if the latter, probably the Vega... but again.. there are other boats out there.

washingwind 12-04-2013 10:31 PM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega

For me, if it's really down to just these two boats (and why is that????) then if the former, the Cal, if the latter, probably the Vega... but again.. there are other boats out there.
It's not down to just these two boats. I've been looking for a couple months and last week happen to view both of these and got excited. :D

I think coastal cruising with the possibility of the Bahamas. I was just looking for input from previous owners or people who have experienced them. Any insight is welcomed.

bajaking 12-05-2013 01:32 AM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
Get the Cal! I'm a bit biased as I recently bought one (we are talking about the popular 2-27, I assume, as opposed to the original 27, T2, or 80's 27-3). My Vega experience is limited to stepping aboard one and reading about their many noted voyages.

Either boat will be a more than adequate coastal cruiser.

The Vega is a neat boat, but as an old salt once explained to me, they've earned an enviable reputation as ocean voyagers primarily just because in the 60's some politically dissatisfied Scandinavians decided to head to warmer climes in the only boats they could afford, they survived, and people have been taking to sea in them ever since, perpetuating the reputation on numbers alone (can't verify a single word of that). Of course, they do have some great seakindly characteristics, so if you want a glass boat to circumnavigate the Americas and would prefer one that already has, get the Vega.

But you could cruise coasts and do the Bahamas in a Hobie Cat if you're careful about it. So I'd say don't worry too much about seakeeping reputation. Many production boats 25-30' have made significant voyages, the Cal 2-27 included. Personally, for coastal cruising and weekending, I'd go for the extra interior and deck space and livelier performance of the Cal. (PHRF 198 vs 240!). And while I think function is form, I never could stomach the Vega. The Cal is bloated (where'd ya think that huge salon comes from?), but still a reasonably attractive typical 70's design, to my eye. Each his own.

kwaltersmi 12-09-2013 12:39 PM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
Are you planning on single handing or will you have crew? The Vega will get crowded fast with more than 2, while the Cal can probably handle 3-4 for short periods.

If you're looking for a voice of experience, you might consider contacting Katie and Jessie who have sailed their Cal 2-27 from the Great Lakes to the Bahamas, basically learning along the way.

For practical Vega experience, try Chuck from Cruising Lealea. That little Vega has made some serious miles in the Pacific. I think Chuck is a S/N member too...Vega1860 username?

Tenoch 12-13-2013 10:21 PM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
Maybe surprisingly both have circumnavigated. (at least according to Latitude 38).

washingwind 12-14-2013 01:01 PM

Re: Cal 27 vs Albin Vega
Thanks for the replies. I'm still looking around and possibly thinking about getting something bigger (probably under 34 ft). I just want to have enough room for a few my friends/crew etc. :D

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