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ddilman 12-25-2004 07:30 PM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
The boat is a Catalina 36 with a displacement of 14,100. I have a choice between the ST6001 and ST4000 auto pilot. ST6001 installed is $2500 more. But what''s more important to me is which one will make the boat more in demand when its time for me to sell the boat? Would ST6001 be more costly to repair, being an internal system and a more sophisticated one? Are there lots of repairs and maintenance associated with either of the two systems?

WHOOSH 12-26-2004 01:49 AM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
D, you seem to be focusing on multiple issues: resale, maintenance/repair and - presumably - suitability. And the two units you are considering are a bit apples vs. oranges. Here''s my take on what you''re choosing between:

6001: much quicker as well as more powerful; will handle your boat in virtually all conditions, and under power and sail; more expensive; electrically more thirsty; installation potentially affects use of space; stable product; independent steering system should you loose an idler, sheave, wire, chain link, etc.

4001: easy to self-install; excellent value; stable product; slower and less powerful, so boat can demand more from it than it can provide, e.g. in tough conditions or spinnaker in soft winds; electrically efficient; relies on existing steering system, so offers no redundancy

Of course, you''ve left off the information that would allow for a recommendation: how you use your boat? Not knowing how often, where and in what kind of conditions you sail, it''s impossible to know if the 4001 would be a ''best value'' choice for you, or would be hopelessly inappropriate. However, there''s no doubt about it: a C36 with a 6001 would be preferred by any potential buyer who knew much about a/p''s.


capttb 12-26-2004 08:21 AM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
I believe you will be better served and happier with the performance of the on-board pilot. Little maintenance beyond that required of all wheel steering systems are required by either unit. Wheel pilots are supposed to be flushed with fresh water to prevent salt build up in the drive unit.

ddilman 01-02-2005 04:46 PM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
Thank you for your comments and questions.
I will be mostly day sailing on Long Island Sound. Maybe 1-3 trips a year to Shelter Island, Block Island and Martha''s Vineyard. This is all my prediction since this will be my first boat. My guess is that the 4001 is good for my needs. However, there is the possibility of selling the boat in the next 3-4 years. That''s when I wouldn''t want to loose local or distant buyers because I have the 4001.

WHOOSH 01-02-2005 11:36 PM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
Danny, it is unlikely your boat''s value will be affected much by the addition of a below-decks pilot. Typically, options and additional equipment don''t contribute nearly as much to a boat''s sale price as they cost in the first place.

The presence of a below-decks pilot might offer some incentive to a buyer for your boat over others...but the boat''s cleanliness, level of maintenance, and the market for your make/model will be far more important. I agree with you that the 4001+ will probably suit your needs as you describe them. Were I you, that''s probably what I would choose.


ddimaui 01-05-2005 09:01 AM

ST6001 vs. ST4000 auto pilot
Have you checked out the list of used Catalinas on Some of them have the better autopilot, other do not or no autopilot at all. As a sidenote, the sheer volume of used Catalinas would make me wonder about buying a new one.

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