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a270boarder 01-15-2005 11:15 AM

First boat help...
I cant say thanks enough to all the knowledgeable sailors that''s help each other on sailnet. I know there are many post like this but any advice would be great.
My dream since I was small was to sail. I graduate from college in the fall of 2005 and want to make my dream a reality. I plan to move to the coast, buy a boat, live aboard, learn to sail, and eventually circumnavigate. I have limited sailing experience so I need a boat that I can learn on and sail single handed. Comfort is not a big issue, but this boat will be home. I was thinking of around 30 ft, but I know there are other things to take into account like displacement. I would love to have my first boat for many years so making the right choice is important. I am going sailing in the caribbean when I graduate, and would love to stay there until I find my dream boat. What should I look for and what price range should I expect. Thanks a lot

dman 01-16-2005 03:17 PM

First boat help...
There has to be at least ten questions here but I will just say this. You must read everything you can get your hands on.Sailboats have so many different characteritics not to mention the owners,that choices must come from within.I don`t know of anyone who has picked their first boat and stuck with it.People change,their needs change, so educate yourself.I like heavy displacement boats ,many others do not.I like long keels many others do not.I could keep listing the diferrences for days.Oh I almost forgot I also like a boat that gets up and goes like hell for an hour or so .

sailnaway 01-19-2005 05:49 PM

First boat help...
I am a die hard Catalina Man I had a 30 which was roomy and sailed very good and was easy on the eyes. I lived aboard for two years until my X talked me into living ashore and I let my boat slip away. Now I have another and another sailing girl who needs no picket fence. So back to the boats Catalina 30ies are not to expensive to buy or maintain a bit spartan which is good you will see how hard it is to keep up with just a little teak. The interiors are oiled unless the last owner varnished it so it is just wipe it with Amazon''s teak oil and she shines for a while. The older boats have the plad cushions ugly as a bogs butt but they are tough and last twenty years. They all leak and you will need to do the recalking of the windows and cap rails hatches and hardware dont skimp here do it right no matter what you buy. A dry boat is good very good but takes some work. Catalina built the boats to go to sea so making crossings to the Virgins and ven further are not a problem as long as you plan ahead. Allot of them have Atomic 4 gas motors they are allot cheeper to buy but don''t be fooled the Atomic has a following and it is a great motor that you can fix because it is so simple your text book this is a four cycle engine.

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