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Keyne 02-02-2005 04:00 AM

Boat Suggestion Help Please
I am looking for my first boat so here is the criteria not in any particular order of importance but looking for all of these hopefully.

- want to spend 20K or less
- want to be able to sail single handed most of the time so assuming size below 32 feet
- Need space for weekend cruising for a couple
- Want something that can move nicely in light air (e.g. less than 10kts). I live in Boston so this would be important.
- Want to have something with standing headroom through most of the boat(I am 6 feet tall).

I thought some boats that might fit this criteria would be:

- J-28 - Perfect. Seems to capture everything above except that they cost at least double the amount I have to spend
- Pearson Triton - Older but some nice ones on market. Maybe too much healing considering its a CCA type boat??? Wife might freak out.
- Bristol 27 - I like the ones with the outboard built into the stern for easy maintenance.

Any other suggestions? Any help is welcome.



BarryL 02-02-2005 06:28 AM

Boat Suggestion Help Please

There are lots and lots of boats out there that meet your needs. I think something in the 27-28 range would be good. Big enough to fit 2 for a weekend (or longer). Small enough
to be affordable and maintainable.

In no particular order:

Catalina 27
Newport 27, 28
O''day 28, 272
Hunter 27 or 28
Islander 28
S2 8.6

I think you get the idea.

Do you want wheel steering or tiller?
Inboard or outboard?
Diesel or gas?
Emphasis on performance or comfort?

A good place to start looking at lots of boats would be Search for sailboats 27-28 foot, under 20K.

Good luck,

sailingfool 02-02-2005 02:22 PM

Boat Suggestion Help Please
54 Attachment(s)
With those parameters you should be able to get into a ''70s 30 footer that has been maintained and is reasonably equipped. Expect to have ongoing repairs and updgrades, but that''s the game at this price point.

Good models include 29-31 models from C&C, Tartan, Cal, Pearson, Catalina, (in my personal order of desirability), all of which are common in New England. These are all well-rounded, modern fin-keel perfomance boats and good choices for getting started. Skip the earlier models unless you are so price-limited. Bristol 27, Tartan 27, Tritons are OK boats, but relatively slow (dogs!) and space-challenged.
Check out the S-2 9.1 for $17K in Salem, an superb boat if not pending too much repair. A more perfect boat might be the Laser 28 listed on Laek Winnipesaukee - race ready and fresh water only. A few $$$ but prabably well worth the money. Better to spend an extra 25% and get something you will really enjoy, the bank will help you out...
Search through for all.

Good luck.

maestro 02-02-2005 04:57 PM

Boat Suggestion Help Please
KD.....there are TONS of boats that fit these parameters.the best thing about searching for a boat is that the more you look at and read about, the choices become obvious........don''t stop at the first boat you look at that fits the bill.

ps...being somewhat bioased towards O''Day''s as a very good first boat, I know of a GREAT O''Day 272LE (in pristine shape) that fits this description and is for sale as we, it''s not my boat....

ughmo2000 02-03-2005 10:31 AM

Boat Suggestion Help Please
Another boat you may wish to take a look at are Watkins 27''s or 29''s. Those who own them love them.

DirtManly 02-03-2005 06:10 PM

Boat Suggestion Help Please
Hello KD,
May I suggest that you look at the old Morgans, 28, 30 and 34''s. The 30 and 34 are very similar boats, the 28 is way different in appearance. All the old Charlie Morgan boats sail very well.
Do not cofuse these models with the Out Island versions. The Out Island''s were good boats with acres of room, but for the most part they are NOT Charlie Morgan designs.
I have a 34 and it performs extremely well in anything above 1 and I''ve only had it out in 25-30. I consider my boat to be pretty stable. I have sailed two races with it so far and took line honors in the first race (second on corrected time) and won the second race. You should be able to find a particularly well kept model in your budget with change left over for updates.
For wiw, when I take my wife out, if the wind is up to anything over about 10 I tie in a reef. I bring her along for company not to impress her. Out of the 250 families at our club there are about four wives that go out sailing regularly. I''m not sure why that is but I''m not willing to do anything that will scare my wife away.
Best of luck to you

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