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BlueWaterCruiser 11-28-2005 10:43 PM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
I''m a 55yr old retired, straight, fit condition, no drugs,
or alcohol, no attachments, no debt, no children.
Have no sailing experience, but am actively looking for a sailboat and am willing to share
a joint-ownership as I can contribute as much as $1800.00 monthly toward payment
and cruising expenses. Only offshore experience I have is when I worked on shrimp boats,
off the coast of Daytona Beach, Fl.(sometimes 60 miles out, Royal red shrimp in 1200ft of water), after college for about 18 months.
I''m very mechanically inclined in that I can repair almost anything and don''t mind doing
whatever it takes to get the job done as I have owned 5 businesses (or they owned me);)
and had to take care of business...when the need arose.
If you will please take a look at these just to give you an idea of what I have in mind...
also am open to suggestion.
Just copy and paste entire the links into your brower (Internet Explorer) address bar:;jsessionid=anINP8aJ-g8g?slim=broker&boat_id=1434923&ybw=&h osturl=marinayachtbrokers&&ywo=marinayacht brokers&&units=Feet&access=Public& listing_id=2425&url=&hosturl=marinayachtbr okers&&ywo=marinayachtbrokers&
Also: 75165374453673D3D&adid=1001744413-01
These boats or similar can possibly made ready for offshore passage at a reasonable cost or (so it appears).
I''ll be in Tampa, Fl., on 12/02/05 looking at a few boats.
Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Jeff_H 11-29-2005 01:56 AM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
Hi Ray,

I would think that this would be a more appealing offer if you took some time to learn to sail before offering to enter into a partnership to go distance cruising. Cruisers all have their own cruising personalities which are distinct from their ''normal personalities'' and that sense of how you want to cruise can only come out after you have cruised for a while.

With all due respect, I suggest that you either go through a sailing school, or find someone to teach you to sail, and then buy a smaller, simplier, cheaper boat and spend a year or so sailing and developing cruising skills.

At that point you will have a lot more to offer to a potential sailing partner. (and besides you will also understand why one of the two boats that you mention is totally inappropriate for offshore work and the other is okay for one person or a couple but would be a little small for two strangers cruising together.)

This is not meant to be either a put down or to discourage you from pursuing your dream. We all had to start somewhere. This is solely meant as a helpful recommendation.


BlueWaterCruiser 11-29-2005 03:06 AM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
Hi Jeff,
Without knowing who you are or your experience or credentials as you didn''t qualify yourself...I can only say thank you for your opinion and simple sound advice.
As it takes sometime to purchase, document and outfit for an offshore passage...lessons of course have already been included in part of the plan.

Jeff_H 11-29-2005 11:10 AM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
There used to be a section of the site that had profiles of the various folks that frequented this forum. For what it is worth, I started sailing some 43 years ago and have daysailed, raced, and cruised ever since. You and I are the same age. I have had training in and worked as a yacht designer. I have worked in boatyards doing repairs and later designing repairs and modifications to existing boats. (By profession, I am an architect) I have literally taught scores of people to sail over the years. I have owned boats in partnership with people who are in the process of learning to sail and owned boats in partnership with experienced sailors. I have helped many people through the process who are doing exactly what you are trying to do, namely learn to sail and go cruising. By and larger the ones who have been most successful and have actually gone cruising, started with a small boat, learned to sail and learned about their own preferences before graduating to a purpose built cruiser. Most who failed started way too ambitiously in the just buy a cruising boat and go cruising mold, which is not to say that all who started small succeeded and all who started large failed.

And all of that said, my advice was solely based on my personal opinion, and like most questions in sailing there is no one universally right, one size fits all answer to your inquiry.

Good luck in your pursuit,

kokopelli9 11-29-2005 01:05 PM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
That area of the site is now back up and running again...the area of member''s info. If you click on "the rest of the story" on the home page you get to an area where you can access your own page again and then from there go to the member''s directory.


kokopelli9 11-29-2005 01:09 PM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
Sorry, I misled you a little...go to the "full Story" from the home page...then "site map"...then scroll down to "personal pages"...that will get you there...
And Ray, listen to Jeff...we all know his credentials''s valuable info.


Jeff_H 11-29-2005 03:33 PM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising
Thanks for the kind words. I went to the home page but could not find the link "full story" or "Site map" or to the member personal pages that you mentioned.


kokopelli9 11-29-2005 05:21 PM

Joint-Ownership / Offshore Cruising

I apologize...I was rushing when I wrote the post and I should have been clearer. On the home page in the center area is the article about Sailnet "coming about". At the end of those paragraphs (I think it may be about three ) the last two words are "Full Story"...those words are in blue and if you double click on them you go to a page that tells more about the people at but at the top left hand side you get access to "site map" click on that...then you go to a page that if you scroll down you get access to "personal pages".
I hope those are better directions...sorry the first ones lead you nowhere.


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