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SeanC. 12-05-2005 07:31 AM

Pearson 10M
I had been looking at the Tartan 34C, but wanted something a bit faster (judging by phrf ratings) so I found the Tartan 33, which sounds great but cant find too many for my price range (25-30) I then found the Pearson 10M, which has a even lower phrf rating.

I checked out an independent yacht survey from 1978 and they raved about the boat, excellent build, sailing characteristics, and layout. They believed it could be easily be an offshore boat. I''m not planning on full on offshore cruising, but its just something to compare to. (my seafarer 30 was rated for semi protected waters, the tartan 34c was rated as possibly offshore except they werent too keen on the single lowers)

I''ve read a few owners reviews on sailnet and all were positive. Any other opinions on this boat? I''m looking for something fairly fast, singlehandable, and sturdy enough to work my way down the islands someday. My seafarer 30 doesnt quite fit the bill.

SailorMitch 12-05-2005 09:34 AM

Pearson 10M
The Pearson 10M is a terrific boat for both cruising and racing. For opinions, check out (that is Dan Pfeiffer''s site and he currently owns a 10M. His site has tons of info on the boat.) Join the Pearson email list here on Sailent and ask there about the boat because there are several owners on that list.

A fellow at my marina owns one and just sailed to Maine this summer. It''ll handle some rough weather.

Also email some guy named Sam Boyle at Sailjazz. He owns a 10M. :)

paulk 12-06-2005 06:31 PM

Pearson 10M
Agree with Mitch; 10M has a lot going for it. Pretty sturdily put together, nice lines, and well enough equipped with spars and sailhandling gear to take some tough going if she has to. There''s also sufficient freeboard to handle some rough water. Below, she''s not huge, but big enough to be comfortable. Also, if I remember correctly, she''s got a skeg hung rudder? That helps peace of mind if there are lobster or crab pots around. Definitely a lot more boat than what you may be used to.

bo_dance 12-11-2005 04:46 AM

Pearson 10M
I looked at buying a pearson 10M in Antigua.

It was a pleasant boat. The owner had raced it extensively in and around Antigua. I believe he sailed it down from Michigan. This demonstrates some sea worthiness.

He needed new sails. I looked at it in 2000.

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