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bobo 01-26-2006 04:13 PM

island packet 35
what do people think of the island packet 35

Jeff_H 01-26-2006 04:56 PM

island packet 35
Are you trolling or do you want a serious answer?

In my mind these are over priced, over hyped liveaboards. If you enjoy sailing these are not your boats. If you are looking for a boat that sails well in a wide range of wind speeds these are not you not your boat. If you are looking for a boat that is easy to handle, keep looking. If you want a boat that will handle a chop with alacrity, your in the wrong pew. If you have your heart set on a boat that won''t roll you you to death....well you get my point. Essentially these are motor sailors for people who want a powerboat with a mast. I know that some people really love these boats,but these boats have never made a bit of sense to me.


RichH 01-27-2006 03:42 AM

island packet 35
The reply you got from Jeff_H is a continuation of his very apparent and sometimes irrational extreme hatred and extreme bias of non-race boats. Jeff has been bashing (bordering on slander) IPs for many years. If you want Island Packet info, go to
As far as his comment on IPs, just consider them to be what they are: an egotistical. self important, mindless and extremely biased rant of unobjective BS.

Jeff_H 01-27-2006 04:45 AM

island packet 35
Obviously, ''No Grudge'' you know nothing about me or about my objectivity.

Actually, I truly love well designed and engineered cruising boats. I spend most of my time that I am on the water cruising.I love to cruise but I also love to cruise under sail. I have actually sailed on these boats with owners who have had a problem trying to figure out how to make their boat sail well. My comments are based on my own observations of the Island Packet 35 relative to other 35 foot cruising boats that I have sailed. I don''t have a bias against non-race boats. My bias is against boats that do not sail well, are difficult to sail, do not adapt well to changable conditions, and have uncomfortable motions.



JM2 01-27-2006 05:28 AM

island packet 35
The IP35 is a good boat. She was designed to give you a lot of room in the "basement" - more room than a 35'' boat can give without sacrificing performance. They are, IMO, too much of a compromise on the performance side. I am a "used to race" cruiser and I understand the difficulty in finding the compromise between budget, comfort and performance. I am not looking for high performance, but I do want to be the boat that slips past others rather than the boat that is always being passed. I went with a Bristol. If you get the IP - I''ll be going by you all the time. If you don''t mind, I don''t mind. Get it ?


bubb2 01-27-2006 05:57 AM

island packet 35

I have enjoyed reading your posts and respect your insight and vast knowage, but i feel you are being a little harsh with regards to IP35.

Last March, I was employed by a new onwer of an IP35 to deliver the boat. In 15 to 20 knots of wind I took her down Long Island Sound under full sail(genoa, stay and main). She heeled over less than 10 degrees and dug in. She, started clicking off 7+ knots. We both had smiles and she was in her element and i was in mine. Her motion was that of a train running on a rail, stright as an arrow with no roll to speak of and that was with an 2 to 3 foot chop on the beam.

All the control lines come back to the cockpit. This boat had roller furling on the genoa and stay sail and conventional reefing on the main. I found the boat easy to handle and could be single handed by any compendent sailor. Yes, it would not be my first pick to race around the bouys. However, It would be on my short list for an good all around cruising in the 35 foot range. Just my 2 cents.

TrueBlue 01-27-2006 06:37 AM

island packet 35
I wasn''t going to chime into this thread, since I have no allegiance to IPs, other than through close friends at our marina. However, I think Jeff has been overly brutal with his opinion and I tend to agree with the sentiments expressed regarding the decent sailing abilities of the IP 35.

We have sailed as guests on our friend''s prior IP 35 and were very impressed by the fit & finish, cabin space, comfort of the cockpit and ease of line handling. Yes, we were passed by racing machines on Narragansett Bay, home to some of the fastest boats under sail. But, we also easily passed other boats of equal size.

Last November, we cruised on their new boat, an IP 420, and were even more impressed. They have been full time liveaboards for the past 10 years in the NE and cruise up & down the coast frequently. Although not a racing machine by any definition, in my opinion, the boat is near-perfect for the purpose intended.

This viewpoint is from a Nauticat 33 Ketch owner, another one of Jeff''s victims of merciless assault, so take it for what it''s worth.


scottmillington 01-27-2006 12:59 PM

island packet 35
These discussions are why I check this message board every day. I think Jeff really knows what he is talking about. I also think IP''s are great boats for some people. The most important thing is getting out on the water and living the dream. Obviously the IP is not the fastest in the world. Myself, I drive to the Marina 3 hours on weekends at 90mph so I can hoist a sail and average 5mph under sail. The IP''s I''ve been on look to be well built and well suited for liveaboard. Jeff, you should realize that.
IP owners know that their boats are slow, but over a weeklong passage, they may not realize how slow. I would like to know what Jeff''s short list of perfect cruising boats would be in the 40'' range.

sailingfool 01-28-2006 02:04 PM

island packet 35
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I''ve never sailed an Island Packet so I can''t comment personally on how well they sail.

But I can share my observation that most Island Packets I see are under power, even in moderate wind conditions. Now it could be that their owners really wanted power boats, or it could be that they sail too slowly to get anywhere or even to enjoy... Beats me, I can only observe how they seem to be powerboats.

Neicy 01-28-2006 03:23 PM

island packet 35
Since I am fairly new to sailing and this board I would like to know what Jeff sails and what he does for a living. I do enjoy his comments on just about every subject and from what I have read, seems most everyone looks to his comment as the real thing.

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