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John_colpitts 02-03-2006 07:37 AM

Increased Fuel Capacity
My apologies to those who also follow Cruisers Forum - this is a duplicate posting.

We are (still) interested in a Pearson 34 CB for a cruise down the ICW and then the Bahamas / Northern Caribbean. The Pearson is one boat that seems to be a reasonable compromise (i.e. I can''t find a compelling reason NOT to buy one) with the exception of her limited (20US gal) fuel capacity. I would be much happier with 30 gal of diesel. I know I can carry a couple of jerry cans, but then you are challenged with getting that fuel into the tanks in the middle of the night when it is blowing 20kn and the seas are running 10 ft. (yes, i know I shouldn''t be out there motoring in those conditions, but humour me please).

So what are the viable options? I read about people adding additional tankage for water, but how difficult is it to add a 2nd tank for fuel? Or does anyone know these boats well enough to know if I could install a larger tank in place of the stock 20-gal one?

Or am I far too worried about it, and I should just buy the boat and 2 big yellow cans of diesel and go for it?

Thanks for your guidance.


catamount 02-03-2006 12:22 PM

Increased Fuel Capacity
The trick with Jerry Cans is to transfer the fuel to your tank as soon as there is any space in your tank (and conditions are amenable). In other words, keep your tank topped off until your Jerry Cans are empty, rather than the other way around.



PaulBl 02-07-2006 01:12 PM

Increased Fuel Capacity
You really don''t want to be motoring in those conditions. You won''t make much progress and you''ll waste a lot of fuel. 20 gallons is maybe 125 nm. more or less.

For going down the ICW it''s not a big deal to lash 4 or 5 cans to deck. In open ocean you would want it lashed as strong as possible with several strong deck lash points with through bolted backing plates.

I don''t consdider there to be any good way to store fuel cans any place else. Just because someone did and didn''t die isn''t much of a way to think about it. Any fuel below other than inside a real tank is potential risk you don''t require. There enough things to worry about and even a small spill will stink for the rest of the trip and make you feel sick.

A real fuel tank has an exterior vent to deal with expansion. It''s something to worry about in a sealed container.

Given you can''t travel the ICW at night you should not really need much for spare fuel for that leg.

duffer1960 02-08-2006 05:13 AM

Increased Fuel Capacity
Someone on one of the e-mail lists retrofitted outboard motor type fuel line and connectors to their fuel tank and transported extra fuel in standard outboard motor fuel tanks. When they needed to add fuel to the main tank, they just attached the can to the hose and filled it without spilling anything. I can''t remember if it was able to just drain from one tank to the other, or if some kind of pump was used. It sounds like a pretty slick idea to me.

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