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paul-e 05-03-2001 01:56 PM

A new catalina 36?
Can anyone talk me out of buying a brand spanking new catalina 36? Blister problems? Poor ventilation (now dorades)? How''s the quality of craftmanship? Is it really a solid, stable (stiff) but relatively fast boat? Has anyone seen any structural problem with the forward port-side tie-rod that nearly passes through the sink? etc. Thanks

Denr 05-04-2001 06:11 AM

A new catalina 36?
Paul-e Take the equivalent amount of money and buy a pre-owned Ericsson, Tartan, Sabre, Island Packet, Pacific Seacraft, Freedom. You''ll be much happier with the quality, sailing chacteristics and servicability. The new Catalinas have a lot of "at the dock" creature features but not great sailing abilities. Having worked on several newer Catalinas I can tell you they cut a lot of corners in the manufacturing process that one does not notice until its to late and you''ve written the check. And by all means don''t let a dealer talk you into a furling main sail or a wing ding keel, buyer beware. Thats my story and I''m sticking to it!

h20nut 05-04-2001 07:09 AM

A new catalina 36?
The Catalina 36 is a true workhorse. We have used Catalina 31''s,32''s,36''s,38''s,40''s and 42''s in our Charter fleet. These boats are used almost constantly by casual sailors in a shoal water environment with very little service required. Many of our charter guests after sailing Catalinas purchase them.
I''ll ask denr one more time. Schaeffer furling, Garhauer ball bearing blocks, Seaward,Lewmar,Yanmar,Charleston spar,Jabsco,Harken,etc. Is there a problem with these companies or their products? It is a fact, check out your NADA, BUC Catalinas offer one of the best investments in regards to resale in the industry. The Catalina 36 is a very popular boat, and more imprtantly our customers love them. Denr I thought you were going to let me take you to the factory for an education. The offer still stands. paule forget the negative input and talk to some owners of these boats. I''d be glad to provide you with some referances. Denr I thought you were going sailing.
P.S. You can''t buy a good Pacific Seacraft,I.P. for the price of a Catalina 36
Denr we know your story, stick to it. A used Sabre 36 two years old 193k a brand new maxed out Catalina 36 132k. There is a lot of crising to be done 60k.THAT is the story...

Denr 05-04-2001 07:43 AM

A new catalina 36?
Your charter fleet experience does not mean beans. As I''ve said in the past Bill Clinton was a popular president but had the personal reputation of a bilge rat, what does popular mean in this context? No offense meant to bilge rats. Bottom line is...the euphoria of a low price is soon forgotten, the effects of poor quality remain forever. Lets plan that trip mid January, although that won''t change anything. Stuck to my story like 5200!

h20nut 05-04-2001 09:02 AM

A new catalina 36?
Denr,sorry I thought we were talking about sailboats, not lunch or politics. Why doesn''t charter experience count?Why don''t you answer the questions posed? What kind of winches does your Sabre 34 have? What kind of hatches?Furler?Windlass?Stove?Electronics?
Probably the same as the thousands less Catalina? Just answer the $64,000 dollar question.
Is the 5200 really hard to remove from between your ears? Huh?
So you''ve worked on a few Catalinas you must be way ahead of the thousands of seasoned sailors who continue to sail and enjoy their boats.
Paul-e I''d be glad to send you a Mainsheet
Catalina owners magazine. Talk to some owners, is it an accident that Catalina has been in business for over 26 years.
Catalinas furling mains,by Charleston Spar, are a delight to use, and are one of the most popular options. Any idiot can muck it up if not properly operated, but as I said first time users and charter guests don''t seem to have a problem when properly informed.
As far as "wing-dings" sailors in this area would rather sail than spend the day aground.
It works for us.
Sometimes a little acetone will help with your 5200 problem,denr............

Denr 05-04-2001 10:50 AM

A new catalina 36?
If I read between the lines it is obvious that you have a vested interest in promoting Catalinas when you refer to "your charter fleet". Capitalism is a great thing, however
I don''t believe that you have the objectivity to offer an unbiased opinion about the subject boat that started this string. As you most likely know, a boat is made up of more than its individual parts, it is an integrated system of purchased parts as well as builder-manufactured components. So the point you make about brand names doesn''t hold water, pardon the pun. (The pardon comment was not politically motivated) Your argument about having never spent the whole day or for that matter part of the day aground with my 6-foot keel is as well without substance, my depth sounder works. Acetone does not remove 5200, this is a misstatement and I would be remiss if not making this point to those that might believe your comment. I do enjoy your spirited responses but they have fallen on informed but deft ears (eyes)! Does your tour offer still stand?

h20nut 05-04-2001 11:16 AM

A new catalina 36?
Vested interest in the truth. It doesn''t sound as if you are being entirely objective . I''m only trying to present factual responses to your less than informed comments. I''m suggesting to anyone buying a boat to speak with owners about their experiences. It''s great that your depth sounder works, if you sailed around here you would find your 6''draft requirement prohibitive. You''d be on the bottom. Thats why "wing dings", get it? Have you ever owned a Catalina? Are they smoking you on Thursday nights? Why the attitude?
How can a boat builder stay in business for 26+ years by building a shoddy product? Are Catalina owners as stupid as you imply?
Think about it.
The factory tour offer still stands but as the King of Cliche'', you should know"you can lead a horse to water............

Denr 05-04-2001 11:43 AM

A new catalina 36?
I think your idea about talking with owners is a good one...we agree. No I have never owned a Catalina and don''t ever plan to. You are however mistaken about the wing dings. These were first developed by the Americans cup fleet to skirt the racing rules, not as a solution to shallow water. Nigel Calder recently drew the comparison between today''s wing keels and the design of Bruce anchors. Once stuck on the bottom they really hold! Seriously I think the wing dings are a round-about solution to shallow waters but one does pay the price in sailing performance. No the Catalina''s do not smoke me on Thursday nights because I don''t race and if I did, it would be on Wednesday evenings but it was a good shot over the bow just the same! I normally sail competitively with the 40 Catalinas...fact. No, Catalina owners are not stupid, as a matter of fact my best sailing buddy owns a C30 and he is one of the smartest guys I know. I would say most Catalina owners are in denial. I don''t have an answer as to why a company has stayed in business for more than a quarter century, probably because there is a demand for the that a point for you?
Perhaps you could arrange a comp charter for me in January in an attempt to persuade me to see your position. I accept!

h20nut 05-04-2001 01:12 PM

A new catalina 36?
I believe the wing keel concept is from John Bertands design team. I never implied that this was a Catalina idea, in fact I think Hunter was one of the first production boat companies to implement this configuration.
I''ll ask Nigel, the next time he''s in town, just how much coastal shoal draft cruising he''s been doing lately. Most of my cruising has been offshore where draft is not a consideration. That''s great the more fin the better, the longer and deeper the better.
But then there''s the real world. On our coast the water depth drops about 1'' for every mile offshore. You couldn''t give a 6''draft boat away. If you want to sail around here it''s gotta be shoal draft. People around here like to sail. They buy shoal draft
The good news is you don''t live around here and you don''t have to deal with wings. That''s great. Fact is there is something for everyone. If you don''t believe in comfort,safety,value,resale,easy handling,low maintenance and trendless design, then you are right. Don''t buy a Catalina. Hey,Denr, what do I know. I''m in denial.
I''ll be glad to take you sailing but It''ll be on a new Catalina. Don''t worry I won''t tell anyone.

Denr 05-04-2001 01:23 PM

A new catalina 36?
I would also like to extend an open invitation to you when you''re in Chicago (April through October) for a sailboat ride, anytime, I''ll make myself available to you. What was the original question that capitulated this exchange?

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