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caborico 09-08-2000 10:59 AM

Vagabond 42 opinions
I am looking for anyone with experience with Vagabond 42''s. sailing performance,handeling etc.

donhallmon 11-25-2007 07:10 PM

Opinion of Vagabond 42
I am replying to your request for an opinion of the Vagabond 42.
I have owned a 1979 Vagabond 42 for over two years now and I first must admit that I bought it on impulse. I fell in love with the lines and that was that. I have sailed it at every oportunity in both light and high winds. I have found it performs much better in winds from 20 to 25 kts and is easy to manage in winds up to 35kts. My boat is the Ketch Cutter rig and I have removed the inner stay in order to make the boat easier to tack. There has been a trade off on down wind performance but since most of my sailing is done close to shore and I spend more time tacking than I do on long reaches, it's worth it. In light winds of below 8 kts, it's slow down wind and would benefit from a spinaker. Off shore in seas and chop I was told to expect it to hobby horse and to expect the fore deck to be a rough place to be but maybe I just haven't been out in rough enough seas ( 4 to 6ft) because I have always found it stable and solid.

Don Hallmon

camaraderie 11-26-2007 12:20 AM

Don...welcome. That post was from the year 2000...check dates before you waste your time!

tgvas 06-29-2012 02:30 PM

Re: Vagabond 42 opinions

Originally Posted by camaraderie (Post 228170)
Don...welcome. That post was from the year 2000...check dates before you waste your time!

I know that your post was even long ago, but I see that quite often, telling posters to basically not post a reply to older posts.

I respectfully have to disagree strongly, especially when people have asked for help and questions on certain boats, even if it was originally asked a decade ago, wouldn't this thread, for example, be just as pertinent today as it was years ago, given that the same boats exists with the same questions being asked over and over?

Every bit of additional info, no matter how off schedule is a wealth of further info that we all search for.

I find that the more replies and participation, the more wealth of information is gathered and makes this website even more valuable, rather then shutting helpful people down all the time for offering even more valuable info.

I wish, as likely most wish that this thread and others like it would continue to be shared and talked about, rather then making posters hesitate in that additional participation for fear of being constantly reminded, That post was from the year 2000...check dates before you waste your time!

Maybe I don't get it, but I dont see where anyone's time could possibly be wasted in sharing info on issues that are "timeless"

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