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txh2oskier 03-18-2014 06:52 PM

Boat features list
Hi All,
I'm new here but have been following some of the threads for the last couple of weeks and find these forums to be very informative. As I begin my search for a cruiser in the 38' to 42' range I've thought about putting together some sort of spreadsheet of things I want on the boat and how much they cost. The idea being if I find two boats, one with radar and one without as an example, I can determine the true cost of each. I'll put together the list and the research the prices myself but thought I'd check here to see if anyone already had done the leg work.

I'm also thinking of putting together some sort of spreadsheet to score boats. My problem is I don't know how to score a winged keel versus one with a bulb and the thousand other things that will have two or three different options. Also I'm reading things that make me believe I want to stay away from Sail Drive. As in all things I know it depends on where I intend to go and what I intend to do so the next paragraph will give you as much information as I have at the moment. If you have put together something like this I'd like to steal, I mean borrow it as well.

There will be two of us so I don't need to be able to sail single handed per se, but when one of us gets pitched off it would not be a good thing for the boat to continue on in the same direction until it runs aground. Whoever is left on deck needs to be able to get back to the MOB. I can not foresee the boat ever sailing much farther north than Miami or farther south than Grenada. The Bahamas are possible so I will be looking for a boat with a shallow draft. Our intent is to live aboard and have family and friends join us for a week or so throughout the year. I'd rather have a larger cabin for us and don't much care about the size for our guests. I know, not a very good host.

Thanks to all for your help and comic relief.

TQA 03-19-2014 09:37 AM

Re: Boat features list
WELL the classic way is to list your boat attributes/features in three categories ;-


150 galls water 250 gals water + Teak decks
Large bed in master bedroom Access to both sides No double bed

Those were some of mine.

But you can not discount the 'instant love' factor. I liked mine the first time I was below.

ChristinaM 03-19-2014 09:52 AM

Re: Boat features list
TQA's suggestion to list ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE CONTRA INDICATIONS is ideal but don't be scared to look at boats that aren't what you thought you wanted. I "needed" at least 100 gals of water, no saildrive, no teak decks & 37-42' and wanted a center cockpit. Not one of those things is true of my boat and she's still perfect.

If you can find a well-equipped boat, it's often cheaper than adding the gear yourself. So you've got a good plan in figuring out what the boat would cost to buy and refit/outfit for your plans.

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