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Bodo 07-04-2001 08:31 PM

A perfect cruisin boat
In about 3 years from now I''m going to leave my everyday life and sail off, but first I
need a boat. I do have a little bit of sailing experience (enough to do it) but I''m really
confused when it comes to buying the right stuff. I know that I want a cruising
boat of more then 40'' with a lot of storage space, got to be relatively fast (for a
cruising boat). My budget is about 300K (that I can spend on a boat). I just want to
hear any suggestions. I was thinking of buying Beneteau 473 but now I''m not so
sure, maybe I should go with a custom if so who would you recommend.
Any comments will be appreciated

jack_patricia 07-05-2001 07:19 AM

A perfect cruisin boat
Hi, Bodo...

Your question opens up a vast area for comment and, with no info on your experience, preferences, intended itinerary, length of time to cruise or description of crew, the comments you''d receive could stray very wide of the mark, indeed. Usually, the more well-honed the question on a BB, the more useful the answers, so I''d encourage you to repost with more info.

Re: the specifics that do lie in your question, Beneteau is a ''price boat'' and, as such, is built to come in at a competitive price in the mass-market end of sailboat choices while preserving adequate profits and paying for their large marketing and other overhead costs. As such, it doesn''t leap to mind as an optimum choice for true long-distance, blue-water cruising, no matter what they''re marketing strategy might suggest. (See...already I don''t know if I''m using the right context in which to offer opinion). OTOH, the Copelands (family of 5) recently completed 70,000 miles of offshore sailing on a stock Beneteau 38...which tends to impeach my reaction to the choice. (Alan was a Beneteau dealer, however, which might mean a bargain price on the front end, special treatment at the factory and/or a financial incentive not to bash the boat in print. Just don''t know...)

It is no doubt banal & repetitive of me to state that the larger and more complex the boat, the more you''ll work on her & the more of your cruising (and post-cruising) budget you''ll spend on her. 47 feet of boat is a LOT, especially for someone who''s been out of sailing for a while and has not cruised before (again, apologies for the assumptions...). Rather than starting at $300K and looking for the boat that fits that budget, I''d encourage you to think at length - and with the help of a good deal of research - at what you truly need, given your crew, itinerary, experience, etc. Once you''ve got the ''specs'', you can begin looking at what will meet them and only then consider price in the mix. To do it the other way around, you''ll get all the boat $300K will buy but not necessarily a boat that will get you across the first ocean without deep regret.

Also, consider using Robert Perry''s consulting service when you begin narrowing your search. A lack of broad/deep exposure to cruising yachts along with the potential price you''re going to be paying seem like good justifications for using a pro.

Good luck on the search. Despite my comments above, boat shopping can be great fun for the whole family!


amrogin 07-20-2001 08:19 PM

A perfect cruisin boat
I''m in a similar position and have just returned from Sweden where I looked at a # of boats. They build great boats and the exchange rate makes them especially attractive. One boat that really stood out was the Najad 40. They are just being marketed in the US but are well known and highly regarded in Europe. Check their web site ( and ask for the catolog. For the money hnothing here come close and they sail well.

kimberlite 07-21-2001 07:14 PM

A perfect cruisin boat
how does it compare to the amel super marimu?

audbydez 09-23-2001 05:37 PM

A perfect cruisin boat

The Copelands purchased a Beneteau First series 38 built in the ''80s. Many boats were slightly overbuilt with extra fiberglass in the 80''s and the Beneteau First series is a racer/cruiser and even today''s First series Beneteaus are a bit beefire in construction than the Oceanis Cruiser Series.

Furthermore, the Copelands made significant upgrades to their First 38 so it wasn''t exactly stock. But it represented a good base boat in which to build upon.

In conclussion, $300,000 buys alot of boat. If Bodo likes a Beneteau, then he''ll spend less for the initial boat and can spend some money on making the necessary upgrades to make a world passage with it. Besides, retrofitting and upgrading a basically good design (notice I said design, not construction) can be alot of fun. I''ve been doing it to my 1994 Beneteau 40 and really enjoying the performance inprovements with each step. The boats are relatively quick and lively out of the box, affordable and easy to work on.

There are alot of good yachts out there. Don''t be so discouraging with your opinions.

One last anecdoate. I think it was last year or the year before, a delivery captain and crew of 2 were bringing a 38 foot Beneteau yacht from England to, I think, France. I''ll shorten the story - captain did not heed storm warnings, did not use good seamanship in handling the storm that hit them and boat rolled twice. Captain abandoned ship (when he probably should not have). The French coast guard later found and retrieved the Beneteau still floating upright - full rig intact. The French coast guard then sunk the Beneteau.

What a waste of a good boat.

Captain Ron

audbydez 09-23-2001 05:45 PM

A perfect cruisin boat

Although you are looking to retire in 3 years, are you looking to purchase a boat now (actually a very good idea).

I don''t think it''s necessary to get a custom boat. There are way too many well-made production and semi-production boats to choose from. Mechanics and craftsmen skilled to work on custom boats beyond where they were built may not be readily available. A more mainstream boat offers better chances of finding people to service them or at least of getting parts.

If you haven''t decided as yet, I''d like to help you with this project. I find it enourmously satisfying looking for the "perfect cruisin boat".

E-mail me at if I can be of any further help.


Bodo 09-24-2001 07:19 PM

A perfect cruisin boat
Thank you all for your opinions and suggestions, I really appreciate it. A lot of them were very helpful. Thanks to a very long search for a perfect boat that will suite my needs and demands, long hours of research, looking here and there, asking for help from all sources known to me, I finally found ďthe one and onlyĒ. It was one of those moments when the second I saw her new she was the one. Sounds funny, but thatís how it was. The boat Iím talking about is Cabo Rico42Ē. Itís as solid as a brick, big enough for two to travel in a great comfort, small enough for short handing, well-constructed, well engineered, fast enough and beautiful, itís just perfect. If you get a chance take a look at one. Now if I get lucky I might get a used one, but thatís very unlikely since relatively few of them were made, if not Iíll buy a new one which I think Iíd actually prefer. ĒA little over my budgetĒ but I think itís worth it.
So thanks again for your help and tell me what you think.


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