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Ethan_nyc 07-07-2001 10:01 PM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
I learned how to sail two months ago and have been sailing every week since on a 23'' Sonar. I love that boat and it would make be exceptionally happy to have that boat if only it had a head and a bed in the cabin. I am very impressed with the size of the cockpit and have no need for a cabin aside from the head and bed. I am trying to find out what inexpensive used day sailers exist similar to the Sonar in size(approx. 23''-26''), performance, etc with a similarly LARGE cockpit. I believe the Colgate 26 is a good alternative but how could I find other boats to consider? If anyone knows of any, please let me know. The Sonar has 11''7" cockpit which is great for me. I will be sailing on the Hudson/Long Island Sound and have just friends, family and overnights.

rbh1515 07-08-2001 10:05 AM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
I just got a Colgate 26 and love it. It certainly has a large cockpit (about 13 feet) and it sails great. I looked at the Sonar, but liked the Colgate much better. It sounds like I had similar requirements in a sailboat as you and I looked for some time. Most smaller sailboats (20-26 feet) sacrifice the the cockpit for a more well appointed cabin--probably because most people buying a boat that size are very interested in the cabin, even though they probably won''t use it much since they are going to be primarily daysailing. I figure that if I am going to go cruising I''ll charter a large boat somewhere really nice. If you have any specific questions about the Colgate just email me.

Ethan_nyc 07-08-2001 01:12 PM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
Colgate sounds like a good choice.. where would the used market for these be and how much should I expect to pay? How do you recommend that I find a reasonably priced used Colgate? Thanks for your help!

rbh1515 07-09-2001 08:35 PM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
I sent you a email to your "message center" here on sailnet...not sure if you checked it. I accidently erased your email before reading it. Any questions re: Colgate''s just email me again. Rob

rbh1515 07-12-2001 07:51 PM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
Found this ad on the internet for Colgate 26''s for sale:

Ft. Myers, FL $19,500.00
1997 Precision Boat Works Colgate, 26'' Includes all standard equipment and used 3.5hp outboard. Hulls 22, 23, 25 located NJ and FL. (941) 454-1700

Rob ~~~~_/)~~~~

Ethan_nyc 07-13-2001 06:24 PM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
Thanks, but the Colgate seems a bit beyond my budget right now...I appreciate your assistance though!

JeffH 07-14-2001 08:09 AM

Day Sailers w/large cockpit and head?
It sounds like you are looking for a ''weekender'' as they used to be called that type of boat. Performance wise it should rate somewhere around 174, and costs less than $10K.

The first boat that comes to mind is a J-22 some of the early ones has an minimal interior with vee berth, quarter berths and a marine toilet. Around here most have been ordered completely stripped for racing.

There was a Kirby 23 that was a Sonar with a cabin and a self-bailing but smaller cockpit but I never really liked them all that much compared to the Sonar which I always liked. You might be able to install a head and quarter berths in a Sonar pretty cheaply.

Another choice might be a Ranger Formula Un (FUN). They were pretty cramped down below.

A couple other but slower posibilities is the C&C 22''s called Bluejackets and Grampian Classics. I owned one of these and really liked the boat. you can typically buy these 1900 lb fin keelers for $2K to $4K in very nice shape. I cruised mine all over the Chesapeake and had an easy time sailing to her rating. I even beat J-24''s boat for boat on occasions but those wins were partially tactical rather than simply boat speed.


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