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verticalmoves 09-25-2000 05:58 PM

First 40.7 & Farr 395
These boats look very similar, The length and carbon spar and of course 30K bump in price. Can anyone lend some expertise to some benefits/shortcomings of the two designs. I am looking for the fastest Racer/Cruiser in the 38-40 range. I do not want a disposable boat. Hull construction is important to me. I have reviewed C&C 121, First 40.7, X412,Farr 395. I welcome informed comments

Jeff_H 09-26-2000 03:26 AM

First 40.7 & Farr 395
That is a question I hope to ask Bruce Farr (or Geoff Stagg) at the show but in general, I would expect that the Carroll would be lighter and perhaps better built than the Beneteau. I say perhaps since Carroll is not the best builder of raceboats. I also say perhaps because I had a chance to talk to Bruce Farr at the reception for the introduction of the 40.7. Farr indicated that, unlike most of the Farr designs built by Beneteau, Farr''s office had done all of the engineering on the 40.7 and Beneteau was building to their design.

The 40.7 looks like a better cruising boat in some ways. It has better ventilation and a "convertable" cockpit.

The 395 is a later design and may prove to be faster. 40.7''s have doen quite well in racing but like many Farr boats, take a good mainsail trimmer. (If you buy either boat, and are in the Annapolis area, I would be delighted to sign on next year as mainsail trimmer.)

Good luck


verticalmoves 09-26-2000 09:13 AM

First 40.7 & Farr 395
Thanks for your input jeff,
I am going to the Boat Show also, and plan to pin down some answers to my questions to the designers. I have received some good info from what I have been able to read, though it seems to repeat along the same mantra. The sales guys have been helpful, though biased to provide the objectivity I am looking for. I have yet to sail the 40.7 and I don''t think the 395 is in the water. Sail''s featured a 385 in their Top 10 for 2001 (I wonder if 385 is a misprint, there isn''t a 385 listed anywhere I have been able to find) Sept issue.

Jeff I will entertain your offer as the mainsheet trimmer when the boat is delivered!

thanks again

Jeff_H 09-26-2000 09:49 AM

First 40.7 & Farr 395
On the 385 vs 395 thing, I talked to Geoff Stagg at Farr International about that. The early materials show the boat as a 385 but Farr International decided that the boat was closer to 39 feet than 38 feet and so renamed it. You see it listed both ways in articles and memos. As of 3 weeks ago they were not planning to have a 395 at the show. They felt the prototype was not ready for release to the public.


Jeff_H 10-08-2000 01:37 PM

First 40.7 & Farr 395
I was just at the Annapolis Show and had the chance to ask the guys from Farr about the differences in the two boats. The 40.7 was designed and engineered in the Farr office but really does not have the level of involvement that they have in the 395. The 395 hull and interior is several thousand pounds lighter than the 40.7. Some of this weight savings is in the keel, some makes
the boat lighter. The 395 is laid up in epoxy, the 40.7 is not. The 395 has more high tech resins. The 395 comes from the factory faired and ready to race. The 40.7 needs quite a bit of TLC. The 40.7 doews have an aft cabin and more operable ports. I have
not seen the finish on the 395 but the 40.7 has a lovely interior nicely detailed. The 395 should be the much faster and more durable of the boats. I have no idea where their ratings will end up.

Good luck,

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